A.C. Most Outstanding

I hope that most of the Cat faithful are happy for A.C. Regardless of his history in Hamilton, you have to feel happy for the guy. Family Issues, close to the end of the line, and he puts together a career year, wins MOP and possibly a grey cup.


Sincere congratulations to Anthony Calvillo. He has shown the entire CFL what it means to be an MVP, in the game of football, and in the game of life. He has overcome much, worked hard at his craft, and won the respect of all of us. Now, I hope he caps it all by hoisting the Grey Cup on Sunday. A first-class man in every respect. An example for all of us. Well done, A. C.

Right on!

Very deserving and a great story!

I am happy that A.C. won the Most Outstanding Player Award

He has always been a consumate professional
a gentleman and a real credit to the league.

I hope he and his team represent the East
well in tomorrow's game. The East needs that.

In this day of inflated egos and super-hyped non-stars, AC is a breath of fresh air. He won the award on merit and I couldn't be happier for the man.

An Argo-Cat fan

It's also worth noting that Calvillo was 35 years old going into this season and it was believed that his career was going downhill. He sure proved critics wrong. It's also been said that he's not a winner, as he has a 1-4 record in Grey Cup games. Will he prove his critics wrong again tonight?