A.C. Leonard suspended two games; two players fined after Week 5

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League announced a suspension and two fines after Week 5 action on Friday.

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Where are the rider fans or critics say about the blue bombers being cheaters now.... karma

OMG!!! 2019 bomber runner back and here in 2021 a D linemen for the riders. Then again i knew sask poeple are into there roids

Winnipeg and regina can only get ahead of the stamps by taking drugs. U bomber and rider fans can cheer all you want but just remember your players are not natrual

Saskatchewan Roughroiders! :rofl:

After all the noise from Rider fans this is rich. Funny as well although not for Leonard I'm sure. This I suspect will be appealed and Leonard will no doubt play on Saturday.

I'm not sure anyone on our team is "natrual". :grin:

Where did it say that the SSK player FAILED the test?

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here we go...hahaha. have at er.

They haven't even LOST yet. Already the Priders are coming up with excuses. :grin:

He clearly dodge the testing becuz of it

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Refusing to supply a sample is an automatic 2 game suspension. He should NOT be allowed to appeal. I would say artificial enhancement is very rampant in pro sports... Those who make the stuff are usually 5 years ahead of those who try to detect the use

ANd you know this how?

Stamps fans seem to have short memories.

Stampeders' Smith suspended three game for positive drug test - Sportsnet.ca


Naturalists, like in the first Olympics

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CFL suspends Ticats receiver Mike Jones for failed drug test


You can't appeal a refusal! You can appeal the results

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I personally find it gross how fans can make assumptions & taint a players rep - everything they've ever done, because of something they've taken to help them in some way.
Some of these fans act high & mighty...dumping on the player & team, ignorant of just how common the problem is in the first place. Like their team is any different. I would bet any amount of $$ that not a single football team in NA is completely free of banned substances during a course of a year.

I won't make any comment on this particular player/team, but I do find it funny the timing of it...much like last year with Harris just before the LDC.

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Interesting take considering your view on Harris.

Harris failed 2 tests! How many did Leonard fail? none!