A.C. Leonard receives an additional one-game suspension; six players fined

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League announced the following on Thursday:

Saskatchewan Roughriders defensive lineman A.C. Leonard has been suspended for one additional game due to a verbal abuse and unacceptable behaviour towards the doping control officers. Leonard was previously suspended for two games for failing to provide a sample for drug testing.

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Too bad they don't admit their own mistakes and fine and suspend Proulx and his clown posse for the mess they made of that Sask/Winnipeg melee.

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Why is it Proulx's fault?

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Firstly for not collaborating with his officiating crew after that skirmish to try and get a better idea of what everyone saw. They should have sent both teams 20 yards appart (or to the benches) and talked amongst themselves (and then conveyed what they saw to the command center) and come up with better discretion on the field.


What are you saying.... That he never spoke to the other refs?

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Okay I have a few questions about these fines and altercations .

Harris was fined for grabbing a face mask in a reckless and unsafe manner .

Question is this . Exactly how does one grab a face mask and rip it off an opponents head in a non reckless and safe manner ?

Question # 2 ...If Drew Desjerlais of the Bombers was fined for instigating the brawl in the first place then why wasn't he automatically ejected from the game along with the two Saskatchewan players if he's the one that apparently started it ?

Lastly question # 3 ...Why was AC Leonard so upset and verbally abusive to the doping officials ? Speculation here solely but were they perhaps making fun of his package ? Were they watching him try to go pee pee and start to giggle ?

These are questions that need to be answered to by an higher authority :thinking:
I suspect a full investigation is forthcoming in these matters . :dizzy_face:


An armed gunman entered the bank!
Is there such thing as an unarmed gunman?

Its simply embellishment

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No different then a concealed weapon . If you don't see the weapon in the first place then how do you know it was concealed in the first place ?

Wow.. Harris gets a fine for ripping a guy around by the facemask :laughing:.. this league is a joke

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Leonard now out for a 3rd game. Thats over 20% of the season . Tough stuff. Shoulda just peed.


They should have had ample time to get a sample, AC Leonard was full of hot piss and vinegar after the game


he was free to give a blood sample. His choice.


Leonard makes $150K/18 gm szn
= $8333 / game
3gms = $25K
That is a costly tantrum

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They said earlier it was an $11,000 per game hit for him. So to be fair, only 11 of the 33 is attributable to the tantrum. The other 22 is for his plumbing problems.

I believe it is a 14 game season this year. About $32K punishment. Maybe he will reconsider his rejection of the request to co-operate with league policies. But then I doubt it since he continued after the 2 game suspension. Refusing to give a doping sample? Makes one wonder why?

Uh huh. Again, I don't know why any athlete would willingly submit a sample anymore if they have the option to decline. Gives you more time to have the substance diluted/washed out/masked, and allows you to save face as you didn't test positive.

You may be correct, but keep in mind after A positive or refusal test. You will subjected to more testing, because of ACL's actions they may test him in two weeks, after his next game?
ACL would have to make a choice, refuse again and receive a additional 9 weeks off or take the test ( should be pretty easy, I hear it multiple choice) and take your chances. Either way ACL will need to stay clean for any future in football.

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I like the fines that were levied. Unfortunately, in this day and age, it's the only way most men learn anything is through the pocket book. Just up the fines 40% each time there is a continuence. Sooner or later, those behavior issues will be greatly reduced. The entire ELK team should have gotton fines against Calgary. My God, talk about getting away with adolescent behavior. Someone from the Elks has friends at the top of the league!

In spite of being a Bomber fan I am amazed that Harris was not tossed, especially since I understand that the officials had the opportunity to review the video of what happened. This simply supports my view that Proulx is by far the worst ref in the league. I cringe every time I hear his easy to identify voice.
Having said that, whether Harris was tossed or not would have had no impact on the game. Sask can only blame themselves for the melee they started, probably because their collective ass was so sore from a game and a half plus of facing the Bombers mega death defence. I watched all available video of the touchdown/melee and nowhere did I see any kind of excessive celebration by the Bombers and in fact their celebration was the most subdued of any of their touchdowns that day. If Sask could actually score a TD against the Blue they would probably have a marching band lined up!

Why are you blaming Proulx?

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