A.C. Donates winnings

AC donated his winnings from the MOP award to CEDARS CANCER INSTITUTE
$10,000 :thup:

Lotsa CJAD interviews here


Classy on AC's part

That's a classy guy. Can't help it but to admire him as a person and a player :thup:

Anthony is such an amazing guy. I'm very proud of him and our whole team

Seeing things like this, makes me hate Hockey players even more. They make way more than the CFL players, but the CFL players do way more for our community. Apart from guys like Laraque, the Montreal Canadiens players do nothing. I read that it is in they're contract to attend Children's hospital and blood donation drives. :frowning:

Way to go, Anthony! :thup:

I totally agree with you. I love our Habs and our Als, but the Als are SO much more about family. It's not fake, and they are wonderful human beings.

I believe a big reason for this is the fact that the NHL teams (especially the strong market ones) take their fans for granted (having so many other revenue streams) whereas the CFL relies so heavily on gate receipts in order to turn a profit. They realize the fans and community are their bread and butter so are more inclined to give back a little.