A.C. Came back to Hunt us Again!!!!

A.C. is probably without a dougbt the best arms in the CFL and only entering his 13th year mainly with Montreal but remember he was a Ti-Cat until Ron Lancaster gave him his walking papers. We could have been a dynasty in Hamilton without a doubt having the likes of Danny Mac and A.C. playing side by side but instead Ron opted for Danny and Cody Ledbetter?????? Ron Lancaster was a great QB, a good coach (I wouldn't say great coach) because only great coaches win many championships and keep the right talent. I believe Hamilton has a good mix of players at present thanks to Rob Katz we need a few more on the secondary but more than anything this team needs a new motivation and urgency to win, and quite frankly I don't believe certain coaches are playing their part in motivating the Cats right now, Marshall, Reed, I believe are two big question marks, this team needs a good coach or coaches who know how to instill some excitement into the team, win some games and keep the right mix of good talented players. GO CATS GO!!!!

You think we could have afforded both of them???

You think AC was better than DMac back in '98???

Sorry, but he had to go when he did. By your logic, Damon came back to haunt us, Brady might come back to haunt us....heck, DMac could come back to haunt us. :lol:

Any team in the league would have dropped A.C. after the way he played for Hamilton. Now, that wasn't his fault - no o-line, bad play calls - but regardless, he wasn't anywhere NEAR the player he is now until he tutored under Tracy Ham for three years. Fact is, we didn't have anyone for him to tutor under (and no idea he even could have become the QB he did even if we had). You make the best decision you can in the moment, and at the time, every TiCat fan was thinking the same thing: "Good riddance!"

Imagine what will happen if the team releases Boreham, and he kicks the field goal that defeats the Cats in the Grey Cup in three years. Everyone will forget that 90% of the city would lynch him as of today.

It absolutly amazes me that some Ti-Cat fans can't see talent either in a guy like Anthony Calvilo. When we first picked him up from the Las Vagus Posse our management saw something very unique in his style of play it was the fact that he was young with a great gun for an arm and yes he was still learning. When Ron Lancaster took over the team and brought in Danny Mac, Anthony said that he would like to stay and play back up to D-Mac who would have been a great teacher for A.C. and our problem of future talent would have been solved. Tracy Ham was a good mentor for A.C. but I'm darn sure Danny would have been as well. The statements of some Ti-Cat fans is so darn typical always bash someone who see's the mistakes made in the past for the present state of the club and why after 99 we lost so many games and seasons without a winning record, you keep on defending the losers because you are in the same league with them!!!!!

Garthman,maybe we just don't agree with your revisionist history. AC was so spooked in his last year he was fumbling balls before defenders got within 5 yards of him. No one is saying the man is not a talent, and his performance in Montreal does all the talking that is necessary. Yet he was QB on a team that was on the verge of extinction. Ron and Danny brought us back, and gave us a Grey Cup.