A C and the all time gridiron QB passing yards record

Tomorrow Drew Brees may pass AC. That is if he survives long enough to play the whole game. Wonder if AC will be watching. Wonder if he is aware, does he even care.

Too bad that Brady will also get it done sometime next season.

Of course, as far as NFL- only fans go, Brees already has the record.

Calvillo's record has been recognized by various sources including Dan Marino, Chris Bermann along with others.

May not be an official record but it's still an accomplishment as far as I am concerned.


as the great Balki would say "well of course ... Don't be ridiculous " :slight_smile:

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I remember AC having two 500+ yard games in a row for Hamilton in 1996, when he took over for the injured Dunigan.

I was never really much of an AC fan as I was not a mtl fan. However I did respect his accomplishments.

My memory of him in Ham is of him sitting on the bench after being pulled, looking very dejected.

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and it is done.

One year after Brees retires, Brady will pass him, after having played significantly more games.

His performance in 1996 earned him the starters job for 1997 before the season had even started. But he wasn't ready to start full-time, and the team went 2-16.

Brees now passes 80,000. I wish he would play until Brady retires. Brady is older and has played about 19 more games.

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NFL Fans today should be thankful of being able to watch Brees and Brady and Peyton.
And then Mahomes and the new crop of young stars. Its been 20 years of greatness.

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If AC wasn't injured for half a season and also took time off to attend to his wife, who was battling cancer, he would have been over 80,000 yards in passing thus making him the first QB in pro football to do so.


Yeah but AC played 329 games. Drew has only played 289.


The record is total yards....not yards per game


And if you want to get technical about it
In 1998 and 1999 AC played backup to Tracy Ham. Stats wise he played in 36 games those 2 years but how many did he go in for just one or 2 plays?

AC actually has 277 starts to Brees' 285 starts
But again the record is total career yards!


I can see the haters saying Brees's record is more legit.

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Calvillo only had 3 downs to get yards, Brees and Brady have 4. So there, AC is still the greatest!


AC had 79816 yards on 9437 Attempts and 5892 Completions

DB has 80000 yards 10519 attempts and 7120 completions


Either way, Brees has both.

Same logic can be applied to all other QBs. Do you know what qualifies as a game played officially? Game dressed, started, finished, or just in for 1 play?

yeah, yards per attempt is something to write home about. Give that one to AC


Hope you are not calling me a hater. I have no intention or desire to diss or disrespect AC's accomplishments.