A brand new season!

With the 2019 season upon us!

It feels almost like New Years Day!

With that being said what are some of our “#CFLKickoff Resolutions”

-Be a more positive fan
-get to more games etc

Anyone got one?

I am so set this year! I moved into my first house, with THF in sight from the front porch! I’ll be at every single game, rain or shine! Even missing rugby practice tonight.


Let’s go with this here Rooty Booty!

Beat ‘dem green, Gazoo-Lookin’ Martians back to their barren plain!


I’m pledging to donate a hundred bucks for every time Masoli orchestrates a game winning drive!


So that means that you will donate $100 everytime the Cats win because at some point during each win, Masoli would have engineered THE drive that would provide them with enough points to win. If the Cats win 31-3 then the winning drive might even happen on the opening possession.

I predict you will be out $1100 this year.

Doesn’t matter if he donates it to his own beer fund!