A Bomber Fan is asking the Als for a favour

Our teams have had quite a few good alley scraps over the years, but that won’t be the case this year unless you help us.

Lyle Bauer, our CEO, has chosen not to remove our inept and predictable tandem OC (Cartwright) and head coach (Berry) that went 2-6-1 in the last half of the season. We have no chance of beating you, yet Lyle Bauer refuses to make changes.

I’m asking the Als to do the following:
-Run up the score as high as you can. Carve up our secondary like a Thanksgiving turkey. Go for 2 point converts when you’re up by more than 30 points. Try a few onside kicks and fake punts, maybe a few trick plays.
-If an Als player is running out of bounds, don’t worry if you need Doug Berry’s or Kit Cartwright’s knees to break your impact; we’ll understand. Bonus points if Lyle Bauer is on the sidelines!!!

I suspect Lyle Bauer is sabotaging this year’s team to soften the club up for private ownership and a big payoff.

Administer the coup de grace–break Winnipeg’s back! Don’t stop till you score 50 points; then score 50 more! You’ll be doing us a big favour!!! We’d do the same for you if the roles were reversed.

A good enemy in sports is more valuable than a good friend and we hate your guts. We know you feel the same way about us. (I’ll be sending this letter to the Als and Bombers front offices–maybe they’ll get the message.

Geez with fans like that, who needs enemies?

Pappa, Piggy, is he really one of yours?

I want to see another game like the one against Calgary. I hate paying good money to watch my team play like pansies. I have always thought that wins at home are of the UTMOST importance. And being against a divisional rival even more important. I'm tired of saying gut check time - just get out there and get it F'in done boys!

Here Here!!! I pray it does happen, anything to stop them from selling MY team!!

I honestly hope the Als kick us where it hurts tonight. If the Bombers are ready to face the Als, Calvillo has lit us up before in Canada Inns.

I have nothing but respect for A. C..

I like your spirit, 'letsgo'. . . read my above post. It's virtually no different.

If you want to be critical, visit my post re; bauer. That should tell you something.

Some of you guys are selling your team too short. With how tight the East is this season, you're still right in the thick of things. If you beat my Als tonight, you're only one win out of a share of first place in the east!

That being said, I will give my Als the advantage tonight, if only because y'all are banged up, without Edwards or Stegall or Simpson. I'll be curious to see if Berry sticks with Dinwiddie the whole game if Dinwiddie struggles.

Are you kidding? A fan that sees this team for what it is knows we're more than the boat-men, when seeing how the lady-tigers took a bite out of them last night. This team should be way better, for whatever the reason, it's not. That's fine by me.