A Bomber Fan is asking the Als for a favour

Our teams have had quite a few good alley scraps over the years, but that won't be the case this year unless you help us.

Lyle Bauer, our CEO, has chosen not to remove our inept and predictable tandem OC (Cartwright) and head coach (Berry) that went 2-6-1 in the last half of the season. We have no chance of beating you, yet Lyle Bauer refuses to make changes.

I'm asking the Als to do the following:
-Run up the score as high as you can. Carve up our secondary like a Christmas turkey. Go for 2 point converts when you're up by more than 30 points. Try a few onside kicks and fake punts, maybe a few trick plays.
-If an Als player is running out of bounds, don't worry if you need Doug Berry's or Kit Cartwright's knees to break your impact; we'll understand.
I suspect Lyle Bauer is sabotaging this year's team to soften the club up for private ownership and a big payoff.

Administer the coup de grace--break Winnipeg's back! Don't stop till you score 50 points; then score 50 more! You'll be doing us a big favour!!! We'd do the same for you if the roles were reversed.

A good enemy in sports is more valuable than a good friend and we hate your guts. We know you feel the same way about us. (I'll be sending this letter to the Als and Bombers front offices--maybe they'll get the message.

I hope you are able to move on with your life, it's a shame to see it go to waste.

Boy, isn't Lithium an option for you?

If an Als player is running out of bounds, don't worry if you need Doug Berry's or Kit Cartwright's knees to break your impact; we'll understand
spidey, you are one sick individual.

Patience is running thin in Bomberland. Berry and Cartwright cost us the Grey Cup last year and we have the best roster in the league.
Bauer, Cartwright & Berry have to go.

Uh, I'm in Bomberland and I can see a case being made for Kit but for everything else your talking out your football colored orifice.

Best roster in the league


All of the western teams have better rosters.

Like hell!
-Kevin Glenn passed for over 5000 yards last year! No QB even came close. No one has the Weapons of Pass Destruction the Bombers do!
-Blink is the best runner (tailback) in the league, period, as is our our o-line.
-Our D-line, the Suicide Bombers, can mess up any o-line in the league and aren't a bunch of dirty cheaters like B.C.'s D-line. Our D-line has honor.

Even with KG out with a broken arm in the Grey Cup, half decent coaching would have enabled us to secure the cup that was rightfully ours.

Saskatchewan are placeholders, zeros, polishing our Grey Cup until we take it back. Once the cancers Bauer, Berry and Cartwright are removed from this club, we will take vengeance on every team that stands in our way. We're only 2 games out of first place. It's only gonna take one competent coach on offense to unleash the WPD and Charles Roberts' footprints on your face.

The Bombers are just waiting to for someone, anyone to turn them loose on the sad sack teams of the CFL. When that happens, the Bombers won't be counting wins, they'll be counting broken bones of those who dared to stand in the way of taking back what was STOLEN from us. And Kevin Eiben, we haven't forgotten about you. You're going Greyhound this year.

I've got it!

Spidey is really Brendan Taman!

Heres why:

(1) He doesn't ask for Taman to be fired.
(2) he thinks he has the best roster in the League.

Welcome to the Forum Brendan!


psssst ro, in spideys eyes, its the Coaches fault.

Reminds me that Picasso can't paint with out a paint brush or easel. Berry needs a few parts on this Winnipeg picture.

And Montreal and T.O. are 3-3. In spite of incompetent coaching, we're still only 2 games out of first place.


Last time I checked Glenn wasn't even playing. Is that because he's so good they don't want to risk injury. C'mon, you're on crack if you really think the Bombers have the best roster.

Put the crack pipe away buds :cowboy:

WOW , what is this a Jihad rant!

Here, this should make you feel better!


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

With the resent attack, death and beheading of a innocent bystandard on greyhound...do you really think that is funny?

Bomber fan losing his head is more like being "greyhounded"