A Bold Prediction

I am going out on a limb and predict that after the traditional return match between Edmonton and Calgary (the week after the one and only true Labour day classic), there will be a 4 way tie for first in the West.

Calgary and Edmonton will split the series, Winnipeg will beat Saskatchewan twice and B.C. will also beat Montreal and Hamilton.

Now that that's decided the only question to be determined in the remainder of the season is which Alberta team will finish first.

Saskatchewan plays Winnipeg in Winnipeg for the game after Labour Day.

Oops your right, I have now corrected the dream.

I think you're just biased.

the Riders will not lose both games to Winnipeg. never happen!

I personally think you're full of it!

You could be right, but I say that Calgary will beat Edmonton twice, Winnipeg will win twice against SSK and BC will lose to the Als and win against the Cats.

For you Riders fans the next weeks will be difficult; the Riders should be 4-4 at best; will be 6-6 after the next 4 games.

Funny that when Joseph was traded to the Argos, Crandell was the best, according to Eric; now he will be cut by the Riders or have to accept a major salary reduction.


Dream is right..

Biased, absolutely. Full of it, I'm not sure what "it" is. I do like to fish though and it's good to hook the odd one.

Oh and as for the Riders losing twice to Winnipeg, it could happen.

Eskfan what about this? Edmonton and Calgary split. Montreal beats BC in a close 1. Then Lions beat Hamilton. Riders sweep Bombers. That could happen to.

Maybe you should do this. Make the playoffs again before you start telling how how the Eskimos will win the west.

I calls them as I sees them.

As for the Eskimos missing the playoffs. It could happen but I wouldn’t bet on it.

I would bet that the Eskimos will hit a wall.

They took advantage of a Riders team that is crippled. not exactly difficult.

The Eskimos will likely make the playoffs but no one knows where and Bryan Hall is starting his Eskimo Rants again.. the guy suddenly thinks he knows everything again, now that the Esks are 5-3. ooooh

he might very well be biased. but strange things do happen. the riders need to right the ship and a win in mosaic at labor day is the easiest way for them. but the bombers finally got win #2 against hamilton and had the bye week to rest up and reset the program leading into labor day.

now history shows and i have also seen that the riders play their best game at labor day. so i say the riders will take the bombers labor day which sucks cuz i am going on a bus trip toi cheer on my big blue, and then they flunk out ahrd in the banjo bowl the following week again as history shows us and the teams split the series.

It is time to stop using injuries as an excuse, in terms of starters the Eskimos are every bit as beat up as the Riders.

What do you mean Bryan Hall suddenly thinks he know everything? It would take a lot more than 2 losing seasons for him to stop thinking he knows everything.

The Riders are Champions and will be till someone knocks them off the pedestal. Champions don't need or make excuses. Many Rider fans are starting to sound like the same sad losers you used to be. Nobody is picking on you, the refs aren't out to get you and the world is not against you. But when you are on top, everyone want a shot at you because they can't be on top when you're there.

You're Champs, act like it, be proud of it.

I, for one, ain't using injuries as an excuse. Those Rider posters who are, expressly or impliedly, don't speak for me or the team (haven't heard Miller say it was because of the injuries - heard the media say "the injuries have finally caught up with them" alot in post-game analyses). Injuries might be a reason for playing worse than they played without them, but if the backups want to start, they have had their opportunities to show themselves on our team. Some aren't seizing the opportunity ...

I think its very hard to peer so far into the future and decide who makes the playoffs and who doesn't, especially this year.

If I were making a Pro-line for this coming weekend though , i'd take Montreal, Calgary, Hamilton to win outright, and Winnipeg-Sask to be very close or an outright tie.

Great comment but like legalbeagal wrote the saskatchawhiners dont speak for me

Like every team, the whiners are in the vocal minority. Meanwhile enjoy being on top, nobody can take 2007 away from you but expect the shots from all angles. It's easier to shoot from the bottom up. Good luck with Bishop and like I said in another post, I hope the October 30 game against Toronto will be meaningful and Bishop has his shot at redemption.

not sure I agree with the QB situation in Sask! Every QB has good and bad streaks but I think maybe pushing the panick button after 2 loses! like that makes no sense????? some comments here: Instead of living in past glories ( I know your proud of your teams) focus on the season in play! Your team and others still have 8 games to get it together! A good team/coach has to learn to deal with losses too! Many strong teams this year and after all the dust has settled and the cheering is over the Team holding the cup at the end of this season will have deserved it! way 2 early for any team to say there going to Grey cup. Do your homework here! # 1 in the East or West at the end of the regular season rarely results in an automatic cup!

I have to laugh Tillman actually wants people to believe he tried to trade MC. Why would someone give up a draft choice or a player when they know he is going to be released before labor day. Does Tillman think every one are idiots out here. LOL

Do you have anything constructive to add?

I don't get this. They trade Joseph for money issues, Toronto is not smart enough to realize what everyone was saying so they create their own qb controversy. Meanwhile Tillman tries to sell Crandell as the real deal, but I like alot of CFL fans new that it was absurd. So what happens Toronto finally gives Bishop away. I can't get over this. If you're the argos why don't you make this trade earlier and why would you downgrade from Joseph to Bishop via Crandell if you're the riders?

Joseph > Bishop > Crandell

It's quite hilarious actually!

Obviously Tillman knows the riders are doing better then expected and will go no where with Crandell plus their injuries. Tillman's wise so he didn't stand pat, turn blind and hope the riders would improve...