A Bold Move Needed!!

It's pretty obvious that something needs to be done to get this straightened out and not just finding some re-tread coach who has been around the league before. Coach MB just isn't the guy and that was proven today. To keep him as the HC is to say you might as well have kept Greg Marshall, because Marcel is no more qualified. There are some pieces in place but it starts with the line on both sides, and help is needed there. Find a head coach who has no baggage and let him build a culture that doesn't make excuses for failure.

The Cats went from Champs in 1999 to 1 and 17 in 2003, because Grant and McDonald wouldn't spend any money on the team. That's a fact, proven by the way they bailed out and left the team in league hands.

Bob Young comes in and saves the franchise, but allows it to become a disfunctional mess with Ron Lancaster (no disrespect ), Rob Katz, Dave Sauve, Marcel Desjadins, Scott Mitchell and God knows who else trying to get the owner's ear. Everyone wanting to be the genius that turned things around in Hamilton and willing to throw anyone else under the bus. Not healthy, but Bob didn't know any better. He trusted Lancaster to be his football expert, but Ron was upset that Marshall was COY after he had to suffer through bankruptcy as HC and he never got over it. Katz was in over his head and made the mess worse. Desjardins tried to clean up the mess but was too arrogant and obviously inexperienced. A little humility would have served him well.

Obie is a good football man, but a bold move is needed to change the culture here. There's a chance because Toronto seems to be making some of the same mistakes we've been making and Winnipeg is no dynasty.

Methinks you just listed several bold moves that have been made.

Too many perhaps..

Am I the only one who thinks that this quote is pretty ignorant?

Or is it just the poster...

Please elabourate.

What did he do, or not do, today that proves he is not the guy?

Cap’n: Yup. Too early to write Marcel off. Lets get a defensive co-ordinator first.

8) Only problem with that theory is that it is the Head Coaches job and responsibilty to hire his own assistants !! Another big mistake that was made this year was that it was Obie that hired both Marcel and Creehan ( a true fact that Obie even admitted he did).
  They had better decide on and make a decision as to who the HC will be next year as soon as possible or else we run the risk of losing out on someone like Stubler as our DC  !!!

   If they go out and hire Stubler immediately, and still have not decided on who the HC will be, then that could be another huge mistake, and a potential recipe for disaster.

   Suppose the new HC, and if it is Marcel, doesn't like Stubler, and can't work with him, because of personality conflicts or different philosophies regarding the football team  ???  

   Management had better get it right this time, or we could be in for another wasted season, and at this point, that could be devestating for this franchise  !!!!

Here's the Bold Move I'd like to see the Cats make: Nothing.

Keep the front office, football operations, coaches, players, mascots, cheerleader outfits.

Continuity = Success (Source: every successful professional sports franchise).

Of course there will be some new players, but not twenty. A few new linemen, a receiver, maybe a linebacker if someone exceptional comes along. Allow this year to be a learning process as it wasn't much of anything else.

It pains me to think of all the ex-TiCats finding success elsewhere in the league. Change for the sake of change works once in awhile - not every season.

Look at the recent "bold" moves we have made

-Terry Vaughn
-Jason Maas
-Corey Holmes
-Casey Printers
-Kenton Keith
-Alan Kashama
-Kenton Keith

Then look at the "quiet" moves we have made

-Nick Setta
-Zeke Moreno
(there will be people bashing me for these 2 saying that they are bold moves. Setta was a good kicker with Notre Dame and was passed on by more than a few teams. His signing wasn't huge headlines and he even had to compete with Mark Myers in his first training camp. As for Zeke, I personally had not heard of him before, I follow the NFL but not San Diego is not a team that the Bills play regularly and I didn't use to follow college football. Sorry for my ignorance.)
-Terry Caulley
-Jojo Walker
-Tre Smith
-Quinton Porter

Bold moves sometimes kill a team. Look at the Bills, they made a bold move by acquiring Rob Johnson and a quiet move by signing Doug Flutie. I don't have to tell you how this turned out.

If a big name comes in here and does what he has done in the past, then good for our GM to make that call. But the "bold" moves listed above have mostly turned out to be "bust" moves.

Your idea makes a lot more sense than de-stabilizing things, Ockham.

Marcel and Denny are familiar with player strengths and weaknesses
and can advise Obie which positions need to be competed for.

New coaches would need to start that process from scratch.

As he did this year, Obie will bring players in
to upgrade at the last few key positions left.

He will undoubtedly do more of the same in the off season.

The less change the better.

Montreal started from scratch with their coaches....seems to be working

The Truth is this game is won in the Trenches
Our lack of Help there is killing us .
Our Tackles are useless both sides of The ball
Our DE are overrated
They should have been 1st place we upgraded this year not the CB or WR.

Two much youth Same as Last year.
We changed From Marcel Players to Obie's Guys
with the Same Result
last place 1st pick next year in the Draft for the 3rd year in Row.

Obie is Gambling that Correy Mase will be here next year.
We have to see if his Gamble pays off
if we don't Fix the Lines will be picking 1st next year again
we also need a Vet Slot back Miles was a Bust .
It would nice to have Simon here next year.

Thank god I have Discount next year.

They have hired Coaches in key areas with CFL experience … Trestman just directs … and is doing a hell of a job.

Tressman is doing a good job you cant argue with that , but Montreal is ONE BIG HIT away from disaster and I for one cant wait till it happens !!!

Yes Calvillo is having a GREAT season, great stats, but if and when he gets hurt they are done . They have first place wrapped up, now is the time that they should sit him and let the backup play . I dont think they will because Calvillo is all about stats now . The head coach will take the blame when the starter goes down , he`s making a big mistake and i hope it comes back to haunt him !!!!

Lost in all the love for MTL and how super stupendous they is how come no one mentions they are below .500 vs. the West and padded their record and stats against the three weak teams in the East?

Good chance they'll represent the East but is it a slam dunk? nope, a favourite to win the Cup? I'm not convinced.

Most of their coaching staff had no CFL experience. Trestman, Martino, Elizondo,Sinclair,Bishof,Edme had no experience.

Squires and Burke the "experienced" ones have been the weak links. As far as Creehan kind of hard to screw up when your linebakcers are TJ Hill, Reggie Hunt, Diamond Ferry, Dwayne Taylor.

Milanovich had marginal experience as a QB coach, he's pretty much a rookie coach as well.

I dont get it! What we need to make this team good has been needed for the past 5 seasons! We need some very good pass rushers to scare the QBs and we need real consistant canadian O-line players on this team! Know please stop messing around just get them!

Habman, try to forget your undying Jesse crush for a sec and wake up and smell the coffee rather than Jesse's...well u get the point.

Why would anyone wish an injury on a player....any player no matter what team he plays for. The cats are out of it this year, I can understand your frustration, but rather than placing blame where it belongs, you lash out at probably the best QB in the past decade and you hope he gets hurt?

You don't like the Als???? OK by me cause I will be in the big O on November 15th and one thing is for sure that the Cats won't be. Youre upset because the Als steamrollered the Cats on Monday???? Well other than Jojo and Porter your whole team quit on you...the last drive by Brady was pathetic...about 6 runs by our FB...till finally the clock ran to a point where he could take a knee. Wanna laugh?...watch Keith wave at Anwar Stewart as he tried to block the Als rush end. Wanna cry???? Watch Gordon get beat play after play after play.

One thing though....understand that these guys are pros and are paid to take critisism. As a fan you have a right to be upset.

To wish injury on an opponent is just plain horse****

Fact 1. With the exception of one game against Calgary, the Als have scored at least 30 pts in all of their games against the West.

Fact 2. One game under 500, wow....

Fact 3 Anybody can win the cup this year..except the Cats and soon the Ar*****

As far as Superstupendous...why the sour grapes???? They have had a good year this year...as the Cat fans like to say, with a little luck we could have had 10 wins! Well the ASls were ahead in losses to BC, Calgary and Saskatchewan..we could have been 13-2. But we aren't cause we wern't good enough on those days.

Do I think that Mondays win was impressive?...nope the Cats plain out gave up by halfway thru the third quarter. Dont get pi**ed at the Als cause the Cats rolled over.

Was that post the best you could come up with?????