A blow-out for the Lions against the Argos?

After the way the Lions dismembered the Als last Saturday in BC Place, fans are looking forward to watching the Lions torpedo the Argos' boat and feast on anything that is still floating on the surface. Of course the likes of Owens, Kachert, Ray, Foley and Rambo may be tough to swallow let alone digest so the Lions had better leave the catnip celebrations for after the game.

The Argos are a much improved football team with Ricky Ray at the helm. Owens has the potential to turn around the teams' fortunes with huge run backs. He is one guy the Lions are going to have to key in on from the opening whistle.

I don't see a blow-out for the Lions this Saturday but the Lions may well roll over the Argos and set the tone early. Last time they met was just over a month ago and the Argos held the Lions to just 11 points for three-quarters of a game. Not good for the Lions. Granted the Lions held Ray and company to just 9 points all game.

What will be different this game? For one thing the Lions' D will have Elimimian playing. This guy can do some serious damage. More importantly, the Lions showed a dominance against the Als that Lions fans have been waiting all season to see. We finally saw it September 8 against a powerhouse team and an outstanding QB. I don't think the blow-out was a fluke or because the Als just cannot win in BC Place. I must say though that the Als did help the Lions cause by wracking up the length of a football field and an half in some 20 penalties.

For the Lions, I think we're looking at a team that is quickly coming together in terms of discipline and execution. There is no question about the talent on the team.

Weak areas for the Lions? Not giving Tim Brown [Lions] a chance to set up to make some decent returns and not giving Lulay sufficient pass rush protection.

Ricky Ray is a smart QB and has the ability to convert 2nd and long by running with the ball himself. In one game a few seasons ago he all but destroyed the Lions by running with the ball himself. He'll do it again if he can but I'm sure Elimimian will have something else to say about that.

It is never easy to predict the outcome of a CFL game but the Argos are going to have to do better than just 9 points if they expect to win the game this Saturday. They will have to do a whole lot better cause I've got this feeling that the Lions have finally put their game together and are playing like they did in the second half of last season.

You said in your 3rd para you don't see a blow out, but the title of your Post is "A blow-out for the Lions" !!!!!!

Read the title again mikem. Note the question mark at the end! It was a question, not an exclamation. :?

Wally Buono has said Elimimian isn't playing Saturday.

If the Lions go into the game thinking blow-out they'll be the ones on the wrong end of a bad score.

I don't see that happening either. Argos look like they might have finally turned the corner for good, but I don't think they'll win this weekend. I do expect a close and low scoring game.

I wont be surprised if the argos win, though I think the lions should. I also wont shed any tears as the argos are my second team.

Thanks for clarifying Blue Blood. I took the following from the Lions forum regarding Elimimian:

"Solomon will not be at Lions practise today or tomorrow but will play next week for B.C. #1 CFL defense just got better. "

Looks like I misunderstood. Maybe it's referring to next "week". I thought it was referring to the next game which is this Saturday.

I will be surprised FYB. Very surprised!

I will. BC's home record against Eastern Timezone teams is really good.

Even when east teams are playing at a reasonable time. Even with a late afternoon (EST) start it didn’t help the Als last week. One of the reasons I picked the Lions this week.

Top notch analysis and an overall great post.

This is a really bad spot for Toronto. Fresh off a sweep of their hated rivals with a bit of a cushion in the standings now - - textbook example of a team that's primed for a letdown.

Argos still haven't corrected or addressed their major problems - - weak OLine, no pass rush, stupid penalties and soft against the run. Winning will fool people - - both fans and coaches - - into believing the problems aren't really that bad. Getting lulled into a false sense of security coupled with the emotional letdown, and Toronto's absolutely in a spot for a blowout.

Toronto's weaknesses play right into the strengths of BC.

Argos have a terrible OLine - - BC's pass rush from their front four is the best in the league.

Argos are struggling to stop the run - - BC is one of the top rushing teams in the league.

Argos have no interest in generating a pass rush - - BC allows the fewest sacks in the league, mobile QB behind a good OLine.

Lions are 10-1 since returning to BC Place. Expect it to be 11-1 after this week.

The Argos are a different team then the last time the two met. Tony Washington has been solid at LT a place where the BC defence attacket. With Rambo all of the receivers have stepped it up and it is Kackert and not Boyd in this one. Ray Unlike Calvillo has made many more trips to BC Place and the Toronto DBs for Toronto have stayed intact for the most part of the seaon and are much better than the Als DBs. Toronto also has much better specail teams in all areas. Im have not heard if Waters will be playing or not with him they have a much better chance of winning without him FGs may not be as automatice and kickoffs will be better with Waters.

I'm not expecting a win for my double-blue. I just hope the Argos come out of there without any injuries. If they started Jarious Jackson, I wouldn't have any problems with that.

I like the argos also. Since Rambo and Mann have been back receivers like what and Bradwell have been running good routes, creating seperation, and getting open enabling Ray to hit 1st or 2nd options instead having to check all the way down the the dump off pass

you may not, but I will !

I see the Lions winning by 14 points minimum.

I doubt that you will see BC blow out the Argos as they did Montreal. Ricky Ray and the O are starting to click as he and Rambo a pair of CFL all star veterans have had instant chemistry and it has lead to the rest of the receivers playing better. Unlike Montreal the Argos also have some good special teams Units. The return game of Chad Owens obviously is a much bigger difference from the Als return game. Although Sean Whyte may be a good place kicker he is a terrible punter. Waters is both an excellent Place kicker and punter, im not sure of his status. A lot was talked about Wiburs bad in his last game put he is a punter first and punted well and did make 3-5 FG a weeks practice with the Unit should help that. I am not sure what his issues were about his bad kick offs but I would think that they will fix that with a week of practice if he needs to play.
The Agros also have a top defensive backfield and Ahmaad Carrol was able to take a week off to rest so he will be fresh.
The last game was 18-9 at Rogers center and the left side of the Oline got exploited but since then Tony Washington has stepped in as a 3rd year pro know and if not for his legal problems would be in the NFL. BC will most likely go after the now weaker right side of the O line but with receivers now getting open ray has been able to get the ball off.
I like the argos in an upset as they are becoming the most complete team besides BC and I am sure that they would like to go out and prove that. the right side of the O line is what worries me.

Yes Toronto has made some changes since the last game against BC, but the problem is they still haven't addressed their biggest problems that I mentioned above - - as well as in several other posts.

Washington is a big upgrade at LT, but there's still four other spots on the OLine that are liabilities. Biggest problem is on the interior - - C and both G spots are the worst in the league. Again I ask the question - - why are the Argos paying Cedric Gagne Marcoux to sit at home pretending he's injured? Marcoux is a massive upgrade over any of the OGs that Toronto currently has. Either get him in the line up or trade him. Don't wait until the end of the season to release him for nothing.

Still no pass rush, what's been done to change that? Same as the OLine - - shuffle guys that are struggling in and out of the lineup hoping for a different result.

Run defence has been on a steady decline over the past month, but I don't see any changes with the LBs.

What about the penalty problems? I haven't seen anyone get benched for taking stupid penalties. Except for when Ahmad Carroll was benched - - errrr, I mean "rested" - - two weeks after a bad game.

As was the case with Washinton Milanovich wated until after the BC game to make that change. he said they continplated it pu ultimatley they wanted to wait one more game, meaniing they did not want his first start against BC. The same may be the case with gagne Marcoux and altough many have their doubts you may also see Reinders get his chance after the BC game also. Again just guessing and trying to piece together what they may do from a similar situation earlier in the season.
I do not have any stats in front of me but for the most part i dont think its a lack of run defense but the level of talent at RB in the CFL. It seems like all the Runing backs in the CFL are having good seasons.
The pass rush is on the defensive coach and his scheme but the defense seems to be doing a good job overall being that they are 6-4 and they only gave up 18 points to BC last time and 10 of those were off 1st quarter turnovers and the Toronto offense has progressed and changed a lot for the better since that game.
I think it is the case also where they are breaking the season down into thirds. around the 6 game mark is where they made some major changes now they are coming up to around the 12 game mark so i suspect you will see some changes again.

after reading about kackerts sore calf and possibly not playing, or starting, or playing anywhere near 100%, I retract my statement about not being surprised if argos win. In this situation, I will be surprised if they make it anywhere near close.