A blood bath on saturday

Please do not let young children watch the
Ticat/Edmonton game, it is restricted!

With Bellefeuille as HC , and a Vary weak defence
now, this will be a blood path.

Doubtget my wrong I really really hope the Cats
can pull it off.
But against Ray and a very improved Edmonton team
not a chance.

This one will be painful period!!!

Anthony and Kashama to the rescue!

Kashama is not camp yet
He Won't be till Sunday ..

Very weak defence? As opposed to our once stellar last place defence?

one guy is not the whole defence!!!! maybe and i hope that Anthony will be better then zeke, u just never no!


it's going to be a ruff game, with ray playing, he's going to pick apart our d like it's nobodies bidnez!

Expect to see Porter early in the game. First because Eskimos offence will run away early and second, because Printers will be more confused than ever, lumsden won'd get the ball and Marcel B will be calling the shots.
UGLY, you ain't seen nothing yet.

It’s imperative for the offense to move the ball and score, becuase the defense won’t stop anything with or without Zeke.

Don't worry, with Anthony playing now, we'll stop everyone. With Kashama playing next week, our rush will be reborn!

We need to keep the d off the field. Meaning...run the damn ball. Get hard working first downs. And ensure decent field position.

Ray will tear Hamilton's D a new orifice. Allready looks like a pasta strainer.

Well Run the damn ball....

LOL....its not a strainer its a bloody cup with no bottom...

a cup with no bottom...
..hmm thats gotta hurt especially if its hit that hard


GOTC: Reading this I thought the game had started already and I missed it. Maybe you should wait until half-time on Saturday night before posting so negatively.

Just getting a head start my friend,
Actually I'm doing the cats a favour,
Every time I predict the cats will win,
they lose. So I predict they will lose
this time, so if i'm consistant which I
have been in the past, they should win.
But to be trueful I think this time i
am right on!

GOTC: Whatever it takes for a win. Hope you are right(wrong?).

OUR D WILL HOLD EM D fence wins championships :cowboy: GET ER DONEEEEEE!