A Blast from the Past!!!

Before the last second Field Goal in the 1998 East Final, there was this one from the 1992 East Semi Final…

I was there in the snow…

Loved this.

Thanks for posting.

I had very few memories of this game other than the kick.

Watched a bit of the end. It was all Earl Winfield in the last couple of minutes. Here he is beating Less Browne for a TD with 1:30 left, after both players had fallen down on the route! https://youtu.be/LgedVV1Hfjo?t=10052

Looks like we pulled Damon Allen for Don McPherson at some point. In the final minutes McPherson had to signal to the crowd to be quiet when our offence had the ball. Some things never change.

Commentators mentioned that we beat Ottawa in the playoffs after losing to them all three times in the regular season. I like the sound of that.

They also said wind was not a factor in the game. Haven’t heard that in ages.

There was a Mazzoli on that team too, but he spelled it differently.

I enjoyed seeing Michaluk and Zuger’s reaction on Winfield’s TD with just over a minute left. Thanks for posting this game. I forgot about it.

I remember that kick so well. I wasn’t at the game, I was listening on the radio in the car. My wife and our very small (at the time) kids were with me. I remember the last few minutes, hushing the kids so I could listen, as the snow swirled around. When the announcer said Ozzie lines it up, its snspped, he kicks it, it’s up… (seemed to take forever)… It’s good! We all hollered like mad!

Let’s hope for a similar result today, and next week (less dramatic would be OK).

Brings back a some good memories. Remember being in section 23 at IW.
When that final field goal went through, it was pure excillerstion. Complete strangers hugging each other, almost crying…cause none of us expected to win this game.

Defining game that made me realize, how much sport can bring people together.

Gotta cherish these moments.

Thanks so much for posting.

OTT had third and short around their 50 or midfield. Rat her than gamble OTT coach punted to put the game in the hands of his defense. Solid all year and owned HAM all year.
TiCats march and get the winning FG.
All you anti Jones bullies better realize you can do all the right things and still lose.

C’mon Dork no need for name calling. We’re all pulling for the home team. Go Cats Go! #realfans #eliteQB

Not anti Jones bullies! Just a bunch of fans that have the smarts to realize ( unlije you who may just hide uour head in the sand) that JJ is just American hype and brings nothing to our game and nothing to our team. Hope we win IN SPITE of his inadequacies!

I was at the game too. One of my fondest football memories, the Ozzy kick seemed to be in the air forever in the snow. Ozzy didn’t hit FGs at a terribly high career percentage but he was as clutch as they come. Icy field, rock hard ball, that was some kind of kick.
I didn’t remember McPherson being our QB for that game. One of the biggest dissapointments I can remember. He was second in Heisman voting and the NCAA top QB. Manziel like expectations for him.

Great football game.

I often miss Winfield

"Just a bunch of fans that have the smarts" ?? Slo you are aptly named . We win a game by 40 points and our coach is inadequate . We have a football team that resembles a mash unit and you're dumping on the coach ?

You said that you hope we win . No, you really don't ! Sad !

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Slomo, I disagree. I believe Coach Jones brings a great deal to our team. He has made excellent personnel moves, established a strong offence, hired some good coaches, and, most important, has instilled a positive team culture. We are far ahead of where we were in the middle of 2017. And I believe we are posed to improve further. JJ should be given a good share of the credit for that.

Very well said, stevehvh. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old person)

Two or three consistent whiners about JJ doesn’t not equate to a “bunch?. You are the most vocal critic and now you cannot in any way swallow your pride and admit you know jack about football.
Win or lose on Sunday, I hope he’s back only because it’ll piss you off???

Yes, that was Don McPherson’s only shining moment as a CFL quarterback. I still remember most of the callers on the post-game Fifth Quarter were clamouring for McPherson to be the starting QB in the Eastern Final in Winnipeg but it was not to be. John Gregory went back to Damon Allen as his starter but the Ticats were blown out by the Bombers 59-11. McPherson finally did get into the game after Allen was pulled but managed to complete only 1 of 6 passes. That was the final game as Ticats for both Allen and McPherson.

Ahh the days of when fans actually sat in their seats and watched the game. ::slight_smile:

Sadly Pope you are only partially right . It was indeed the last game played as a Cat when it comes to Allen after his one and only season in Hamilton . The Cats ended up trading Allen to the Eskimos in the off season and declaring McPherson as our number #1 QB for the "93" season . McPherson turned out to be a complete and utter disaster for us in that "93" season winding up with only 6 Td's on the season against 21 ints and a completion percentage of only 41.3 % . Allen on the other hand ended up winning the Grey Cup for the Esks that season and was named MOP of the game .

Here's a bit of trivia about that trade of Allen back to Edmonton . In exchange for Allen the Cats received four players from the Eskimos . Three of them turned out to be nobodies who never panned out in the pros , the fourth player though was some guy that went by the name of O'Shea .

Team gave keys to McPherson for the 93 season. Went 3-0 to start then promptly cratered.
Got so bad they had to beg Todd Dillon to come out of retirement.
East division sucked so bad we could still sneak into East final…and almost win

  1. Wow...what a line of complete crap you spew !! :-[ :-[

Must be tough to not be football smart enough to realize a good coach when you see him. ::slight_smile:

At least JJ is a lot better judge of talent than the last HC we had, who I guess in your mind was
just more American hype also !! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: