a bit too vanilla?

Obviously disappointed in the outcome of the game, but the Cats will bounce back- the home game I think will be much, much different.

I wanted to comment on the lack of a surprise play...
There were a number of punts we did from around half field on 3rd and 2... that I would've liked to have seen a fake.
I know that its best to pin back with field position, but our defence was doing ok, and would've been a nice momentum builder.
Does Hajrullahu not throw too well? Maybe a direct snap instead?

I just think a converted 3rd down play would keep the momentum on our side, tire the defence and allow Masoli to work his magic with a fresh set of downs.

*ps... looked to me when Masoli was hurt after being hit (fumble for a Sask td) that it was a head shot... not intentional but a head shot.

I thought throwing a long bomb at the end of the game when it was 3rd and 10 was a surprise.

That was a surprise.

If we are talking about the absence of trick plays - I wondered about that too. It's crazy not have one or more in your back pocket. Maybe they're waiting until later in the season?

They needed a catch or a PI call, to get 1 or 2 more plays with 13 seconds left from SSK 16 yard line if it worked

Yes it was a head shot. Unintentional, but still a head shot. Should have been called which would have negated that TD. I fully expect the league to issue a fine over that one.

Also, the hit Speedy took on his first catch of the game. Dude lead with the crown of his helmet and hit Brandon directly in the helmet. Banks did duck down a bit to absorb the coming contact, but that was a textbook example of what the league has been penalizing and fining players for. And yet, no flag.

I'm willing to suggest that if that hit was delivered against a QB or by Kyrese Hebert or by Simoni, it would have been flagged.

Worked last year against Saskatchewan at home...'course Saunders couldn't catch the pass from the one to potentially the game, but the bomb drew a flag....

Grover pointed out that we only had 13 seconds left at that point. I guess one or more plays had to be for 20+ yards, so they went for the big one on third down when it would be least expected.

Either way, odds were sharply against us at that point. We threw 8 passes on that drive, with only 2 completions, for 11 and 17 yards. (Add 15 penalty yards) That's just not the recipe for a 100-yard drive in 84 seconds.

I thought the offense should have stayed on the field more in general, when special teams was not getting it done. The offense was moving the ball pretty consistently as it did against Edmonton and Winnipeg, but with so many starts inside the 25 or worse, finally the math didn’t go our way. Why not get a bit more aggressive and take some chances on 3rd down?

Without going back to watch it, I believe the previous play was blown dead at 24 seconds.
If that's the case, you cant blow 11 seconds calling a play in that spot.