a bit radical, but i think the CFL cut down the number of...

import players allowed on each team and try to make the game as canadian as possible. open the door for the canadian kids, and make the CIS to the CFL what the NCAA is the NFL. knowing the CIS can mean a shot at the CFL could keep alot of skilled players home. just a thought, what do y'all think?

import players allowed on each team and try to make the game as canadian as possible. open the door for the canadian kids, and make the CIS to the CFL what the NCAA is the NFL. knowing the CIS can mean a shot at the CFL could keep alot of skilled players home. just a thought, what do y'all think?----------increase the cfl roster,s by 3 nonimports, next cflpa /cfl contract, .put pressure on Toronto cis teams to improve their football programs to bring their to level of other cis programs and improve the overall cis profile in toronto,s media,so good cis players are not over looked for ncaa grads. .

It already does mean a shot at the CFL, yes?

The problem is that salaries are nowhere near NFL level.

Personally, I'd love to see the CFL be able to get rid of the import rule altogether (which means the CFL and CIS will be healthy enough to develop Canadian players without it).

Of course, I'm biased (American) and want to see the CFL expand successfully to the US eventually.

The CIS I dont think will ever get to the level of the NCAA theres jsut so many americans that eat sleep and breathe football that it will be hard for canada to keep up.

That being said I dont really care how many canadians are on the rosters. As long as the league has some rule on so that ti doesnt become a feeder league for the nfl

Well, the CFL needs Americans playing the game. The CFL also needs Canadians playing the game. I think they have about the right balance now.

You can’t have an all Canadian league because nobody would watch it. You can’t have all Americans playing the game, because this is Canadian football! You’ve got to have Canadian players playing the game, if only to help explain the rules to the new imports!

The only way Canadian football would work in the U.S., is if the CFL created a new U.S. league or divsion. They would play Canadian football mainly against other American CFL teams, with open rosters. For example, each U.S.-based team could play 4 games against Canadian teams and 14 games vs U.S. teams. The winner of the new American League could contest for the Grey Cup, or perhaps for a new North American football championship trophy.

Having two U.S. teams visiting each Canadian city might add some variety to the schedule and prevent them playing some divisional opponents four times, which is currently the case.

Being a semi-independant league, the American League’s failure would not have a dire affect on the fortunes of the Canadian teams. If successful, the rewards could be tremendous in exposing Canadian football to a wider audience in the U.S. Which would result in improved recruiting of football talent and dramatically increased TV revenues.

Only change I'd like to see is the third string QB be a Canadian Kid.

looking at the cfl combine, i think they should keep the rules status quo, those players at the combine were horrible, many kids couldnt even complete a bench press, only 2 guys benched over 30 times.

Also the Canadian QB is extinct, forget about it, how is a kid gonna become a good QB in Canada when high school/CIS coaches run the ball 40 times, plus how come coaches in Canada only have white kids playing QB, im not trying to start a race riot, but ive watched many cis, high school, and CJFL games, and the majority of QBs are your typibal big, slow, white pocket QBs, at least get a few kids that can scramble, and get a few minority QBs, to represent the population of Canada. CIS football is so boring, you never see any innovative exciting offenses, and the playcalling is so basic.

Arland how do you not know there is not any other QB's in Canada that are non white. Do you go to every high school in the country. Again what does color have to do with it? If you look at the population variance in the USA vs Canada playing football there is a huge difference. :lol:

Sportsmen wrote--Only change I'd like to see is the third string QB be a Canadian Kid.----- :thup: :thup: :thup: bump

Russ Jackson....when will we get another Russ Jackson?

Maybe Jesse Palmer will rise up in Montreal!

Maybe the question is when will a potential Russ Jackson ever be given a real chance to develop into a CFL calibre qb. Maybe Russ was "one in a million", I don't know. Problem is, what coach would go out on a limb today and stick with a Canadian qb who played at a Canadian university. Don't see it happening really.

The third Reserved QB spot needs to be removed for either a Canadian roster spot or a Designated import spot.

Meaning having a Canadian QB has advantages.

I say remove the reserved american QB spot and put a Designated import spot, then make it so that 1 player on the active(not necessarily dressed) roster must be a Canadian QB, if a team wants 46 players.

Teams will be allowed to play without a Canadian QB if they decide to have only 45 active players on their roster.

It would be the teams option.

Also I am not for forcing teams to have more then half their roster to be canadian(so 21 out of the 42)
But, having another DI would be fine.

2 QB's(any nationality)
21 Canadians
19 Imports(5 DI's)

4 active but not Dressed spots 1 Canadian.

1 Canadian roster spot(just needs to be active, but doesn't need to be dressed for games) reserved for a Canadian QB, if Dressed that team gets another DI(replacing a Canadian)

This Roster allows for up to 15 americans to Start.(meaning 9 Canadians must start)

The reason to give more DI spots is so teams have flexibility to make their rosters as they see fit really, Canadian Starters can be limited to just in the trenches(5 on the OL and 4 on the DL)

The problem is CIS Talent is not at the Same Level of the NCAA and there is pretty clear reason why, CIS teams scheduals are 9 games, NCAA is 12.

CIS has playoffs, NCAA is Championships + Bowls.
end of the day NCAA teams can get up to 14 games, CIS teams up to 14(Ontario teams only who make it from Quarters to the Vanier Cup)
This however is for very very few teams that play more then 10(so reg season + 1 playoff) in the CIS.(18 out of 27 play 10, 9 out of 27 play 11)

Only maybe MAYBE 5 teams from the CIS play 12 games(equal to a regular NCAA season)

What's the difference?
over a 4 year period that means in the CIS a team plays say 42 games(.500 in playoffs, make playoffs 3 outta 4 years)
in the NCAA that's 48(without championships/Bowls)

So a good first step would be to increase the amount of games in the CIS preferably to 12 games. that can mean 12 regular season or 10 regular season + 2 pre-season.
*Pre-season exhibition games can be organized by the university either against CFL (mostly)rookie/sophmore squads or CIS (mostly)Rookie/Sophmore squads against CJFL teams.

Preferably both

Sure each of those lower level team(CIS lower then CFL, CJFL lower then CIS) teams should get killed, but it would do alot to have those kids(on say CIS teams) to play a game against those CFL squads.

It would be a very good place to show if a Canadian QB has any Skill as they would get 4 full quarters against a Defence that should be atleast Decent(CFL wise)

A bomber Rookie squad would include guys like:Bell, Franklin, Fulbright, Bean, Moss, Baggs, Biard. (and others who spent time on the DR mostly like Picard)

This game would take place early during Training camp(this year June 1st-3rd), CIS teams who participate would need to of course agree and have their players agree + be in shape.
It gives coaches a chance to see their squad against another team(different coaches), Gives Reps to the young CFL guys, to the 3-5th year CIS guys(helping their CFL chances).

Sure there will be some atleast minor injuries, but the CIS season isn't for 2 months and the CFL teams won't be risking stars.
Sure the Scores could be insane but atleast whoever gets beat up on will be able to fix that after seeing that Game film and improve on it.

I read an atricle a while back that suggested that part of the reason that scoring was down in the CFL last season was the expanded roster. The theory was extra spots on the roster were being used mostly to help defences.

Having more Canadian players in the CFL would be good, including Canadian QBs. In order to get more good quality Canadian players, the CIS needs some help.

I was wondering why NCAA sports are on Canadian television and CIS is hardly on at all. People of course will say that the NCAA is higher quality and so people want to watch it. However, at the same time, it's a higher quality because people watch it. American colleges get a ton of money from television, and thus they can recruit the best players, and train them to the highest levels because they have more resources. Our Canadian networks are putting money into American colleges and not into our own Canadian Universities!

I think the CRTC should require that for every hour of American college sport a network airs on television, they must also air one or more hours of CIS. This would provide more revenue for Canadian sports programs, and increase the quality of their games. If the quality of the games increase, more people will watch, creating more revenue, improving their programs, creating more fans, on and on!

Then the CIS would pump out more good home grown athletes that would could watch in the CFL.


Another thing.

There may not be very many great Canadian quarterbacks right now, but that's because they're not being developed. It's way easier for CFL teams to go find an American QB without looking at the Canadian boys.

If teams were required to have one Canadian QB, they would probably start DEVELOPPING some Canadian talent in the CIS. Scout some young players and give them scholarships and training. Help them get good!

I think the league should implement the 1 Canadian QB rule, but give teams maybe 3 years before it is enforced. That would give them time to scout and develop some CIS players into competant QBs in time for the rule!

Or at the very least, make QB's part of the ratio.