A big thanks

I recently was able to take a road trip through Western Canada to take in a couple of lions games. I drove from my home in Powell River BC to Edmonton, then down through Regina and onto Winnipeg. Although the lions didn’t do so well I had a ball and everyone along the way were great. I just want to thank all the CFL fans out there who welcomed me so warmly. All 3 games in all 3 cities where a pleasure, except those roads in Winnipeg!

All three games? What did you do, take in the Tiger-Cats versus the Roughriders game last Thursday before the Lions tilt against the Blue Bombers on Saturday?


Yes, a few days between games, and the Eskimo game before that.

I clearly remember my first football game at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton. Soon as I walked into the Stadium, first on the list was to go to the Jackie Parker Room. The feeling I got was huge, the fans were great and I enjoyed every minute of the experience. Another Ricky Ray first down and on and on it goes.