A Big Lump of Coal for TSN

Was watching TSN this morning..................waiting for the nephews to call and tell me Santa had come..........and to get my heinie over there and help open presents........................and TSN was listing there top ten sports stories...................the NFL made it twice............Pats winning the Super bowl.........and Terrel Owens saga..........whine fest............the Black Socks winning the World Series........NHL Strike.........Sydney Crosby..........drugs in baseball.........Lance ARmstrong.............Nash the MVP of the NBA.......and I forgot the rest............but no CFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The CFL kicks the NFL in ratings in this country, the League has saw unbelievable increases in tv rating, attendance...............excitment.............but we don't make the top 10!!!!!!! I honestly believe one of the biggest things holding back the CFL is the second rate sports journalist that work in this country.....and its not just Toronto........although I like bashing Toronto........its the same here in Saskatchewan..............I know their second rate cause they have to cover the CFL.....and its not as wonderful as the NFL.............BAH HUMBUG.............feel free to bitch Santa is resting today.........so he's not watching to see who is naughty and nice............I do believe I have convince my girlfriend of that..........so on that thought better get going

You might be mad...but your right..for Canadians the Grey cup is in the top ten for sure..

See our two countries aren't so different!....We have outlandish salaries and mediocre talent in our Football, but the media makes you think it's the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Meanwhile the CFL is a much better brand of Football with hardworking players that in my opinion have better talent, and yet your media doesn't really give it the exposure it deserves!

Gee :idea: I wonder what would happen if our media covered the CFL and your media covered the NoFunLeague???

The thing that gets me angry about this is that most of those TSN stories you mentioned are so negative, and detract from the spirit of sport (Owens, Steroids, etc) whereas the CFL had a great year and a great grey cup, and is a great positive story about sport in our home country, and still nothing, not even a sniff you say? Boo.

I didn't even notice that when I was watching TSN yesterday.

The CFL should have been one of the top 10 stories. What a year it was for the CFL but what can you do? I guess the Owens Saga, the Pats winning the Super Bowl & Lance Armstrong are more important then the great Canadian Football year we had. Like we're Canadians, I for one don't give a crap about NFL, Baseball or the Tour De France.

Oh well...

I agree with the Patriots story sorry I' am a diehard Pats fan, but also an american. I don't know how the the tsn couldn't add in this years grey cup. It was one of the best games i've ever saw. To all CFL fans both countries US and Canada the so called mainstream media is outta touch with the citizens. There a bunch of ex-pornstars or wanna be pornstars that have no clue what they are talking about. I wonder if they even spotted the increased media attention in the US i doubt it, but they can recite the what t.o.'s agent Rosenhaus said, "next question, no comment."

Add my two cents americans don't care about the tour de france. That's european, cycling in both the us and canada is irrelavent.

Madmaxx you are right on. Good thing I did not see it as I would have also gone nuts. Even though I live in the Center of the Universe, the mentality of the Toronto Sports Network when the CFL is off for the year is that it really does not exist. Even though the TV ratings smoke the competition, it still does not matter in the wannabee ESPN(sister group) and American only sport. Oh yes, while flipping this morning on the little known Score with their own version for top stories and you guessed it, the CFL was nowhere to be seen. Again, no respect and the Toronto mentality, I am ashamed to say, lives on.

How does the Pats winning the Super Bowl make the Top 10, but the same Grey Cup matchup for the 3rd time in 4 years, and the Esks winning their 2nd in 3 years, and an OT thriller in the Grey Cup NOT make the Top 10? I was offended as well when I saw that the CFL hadn't made their "Top 10". I second the lump-of-coal motion (and I'm glad someone else feels this way!)

I'm not surprised to hear Americans don't care about the Tour de France ... I assume they only do as long as an American is winning? Sorry, that doesn't translate into "fan" in my books.

What did make me feel a bit better, though: I was watching Sportsnet's "Top plays of 2005" show, and Brad Fay said, about one of his two favourite plays: "No one may jump on board with me for this, but Darren Flutie's TD catch in the 1994 playoffs is one of them ... " (the other was Pavel Bure, also in '94, beating Calgary in the playoffs with that breakaway). Good for you, Brad Fay!

Thanks Madmax, I'll ad another shovel of coal to TSN's sock! Tour defrance in the top 10 over the Grey Cup, whos running TSN now...Paul Godfrey? Terrell "The ego" Owens, great roll model for kids too! :roll: He should have had his own category with Randy Moss. Top 10 egomaniacs! I agree with the Superbowl nominee, but the Grey Cup game should have been there!

Boo, hisssss TSN Top Ten!

...There never has been the 'proper' recognition given to the CFL...our league has always been looked upon as the 'poor sister' in the world of Sports....but the followers and true fans of the CFL know different....so tsn. and other media outlets who have blinders on... only show poor judgement and ignorance..when OUR league is ignored and not given it;s proper 'due'...we can only hope to rate right up there with the tour de France one day.... and so to the mainstream media in Canada....WE ARE HERE....WE HAVE A GREAT GAME ....wake up....and oh yeah Happy News Year... :wink:

The problem is most the media outlets are run out of Toronto and they feel it is important to cover issues related to the area. Sportsnet however, have regional coverages and just maybe TSN someday will become professional and look at doing this.

But its not just Toronto...........even here in Saskatchewan.........there is a nitely sports show on the radio.........and the NFL is god to them........the CFL is the poor sister............makes me mad..........I use to be just Maxxx now look at me.......

Look everyone, please realize that the media basically caters to the lowest common denominator of the IQ of many sports fans. And as such, they basically are going to go for what has been given the most exposure from American TV. This is "the safe" thing for them to do. Remember, the media is generally a very conservative creature and they don't like going out on a limb.
The important thing is not to get caught up in all this media thing. Know what is important to you and in your heart. If this is your next door neighbours kid's ping-pong league that you love, then love it and don't worry about the media, they are just catering to the conservative masses.
To the media, the CFL represents as oddity and they really don't know how to deal with it and probably aren't bright enough in many cases as many of the employees of media companies are not, as we know, the brightest wicks in the world - a professional football league in Canada in a country which is professed to be a "hockey mad nation." Confusing for them but not for us because we are actually much more intelligent than most of the media people in this country because we know there is much, much more than what the masses out there tell the media what is important.

To sum up, take all media for what it is - media, nothing more than that. It doesn't mean they know about the truth more than you, they just profess to know more than you. Forget about their rankings, they know sh*t.