A Big Hello From England

Are there any non Canadians here who follow the CFL?

I am from London, England and live here again but i spent some time in Canada and became a fan of the Calgary Stampeders because thats where i lived and my girlfriend was an Outrider. I also like the Roughriders because she is from Saskatchewan. Although i still prefer the NFL, as i am huge Bears fan the CFL is very enjoyable, i wish there was more teams though. I never really liked hockey until i went to Calgary and the Flames fans converted me into a huge hockey nut. I stay up till 5am when the Flames are on TV. I was lucky enough to be in Calgary for the 2004 Playoffs and the atmosphere was just unbelievable, nearly as good as when England play world cup football (soccer) against a huge rival like Germany or Argentina.

I fell in love with Canada so much, the people are just amazing, the girls are gorgeous, you guys know how to party!

But I have a problem now as we might be moving to Vancouver next year, so which team do i support? Calgary, Sask or B.C? 3 teams is way to much to follow so should i stay loyal to the Stamps? I think so. And what about hockey? Are Flames fans welcome in Canuck territory?

If any of you guys follow English soccer especially Arsenal, please drop me a line and if any canucks come to London, i could show you around.

Take care kids, and remember don't buy drugs, become a famous rockstar and people give you them for free!

G'day and Welcome, mate. There certainly are non-Canadian fans on here. I'm originally from Melbourne, Australia. I love Aussie Ball more than life itself but the national league has gone mad down there. I also love Canadian Football and this league (all major Canadian cities have only one team each, beautiful!). Did like the NHL, but I'm a bit upset with them right now over the new rules and the move of the Jets ten years ago.

We have quite a few Americans who follow the CFL and are regular posters.
I can see your delima if you move to Vancouver. I have a solution for you.
Root for Montreal.

no stay with the stamps and flames

pffttt....Montreal.....apparently hasn't read the "If Allen goes down" thread much.....atta boy R&W.....that comment came in useful for something..... :smiley:

Aren't there 3 f's in pfffttt

Depends on the dialect.....here in the west, we pre*er to save our "f"s or when we're saying things like "fffff.....it's cold"......you know, the important stu*...we conserve..... :smiley:

Here in Quebec its the "H' that is saved, They do however get spent in different places


Bloody good of you to write MA. Good to hear you get up early or stay up really really late to catch the games on the telie.
To answer you question, If you realy like this girl you'll keep a rider jersey in your closet. you don't have to wear it, just own it. As far as team to go with, doesn't really matter as long as you go to the games when possible and shot the bird at the refs at every chance you get.... :wink:

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From THE BEATLES , THE WHO , THE STONES , LED ZEP , PINK FLOYD , OZZY ,TULL , DEEP PURPLE..............ect.......no country , does ROCK , better.

All groups who wish that they were Australian (or Canadian for that matter).

australia has AC/DC, silverchair, the vines and Jet ( who opened for oasis and are oasis wanna-bes)


The land of Aus also has Savage Garden as well as many others. Men at Work, Kyle Minogue, John Fraham, Little River Band, Missy Huggins.

but it's a know fact that the Beatles wished they were Aussies.

don't forget DELERIUM

AC/DC best party/beer drinkin'/ kickin' Ass band ever......bvut then again i just bees an ole head banger.......

there is reason that Aussies like myself are view as alcoholics.