A better front seven....???

From the roster we have,I think this would be a better front 7 IMO.

Ends..Lewis and Loescher
Tackles: Reid, Adams/Patrick
MLB: Moreno
OLB..Knowlton and Anthony

what do you guys think?

Sounds good. Do you think the braintrust on Jarvis St would have thought of this, probably not. We are continually out coached and we do not have a clue where to place what little talent we have on this team in the correct positions.

Well I agree that Anthony has to be in the starting front 7 I'm not sure if he's a better DE or a LB. He played well last week at DE. Adams should not be rotating with Patrick though. I believe he is leading the team in sacks. He gets a very good pass rush as an interior lineman.

Anthony did play well,but I think he is better suited at LB......Being his natural position...

I'd like to see Kania in the mix. It would absolutely not hurt whatsoever to have a guy with fresh legs who was with the team in camp give a shot at this stage of the season. No sense keeping him on the PR. Lord knows he can't do any worse...