A benchmark year for the CFL?

It looks like this league may have turned the corner financially, with the SMS in place some teams could post some huge profits this year, which will benefit the league as a whole. This could be the year that the CFL takes a huge step forward--and can focus on other issues. Any thoughts?

I am really anxious to see if the quality of the game is going to suffer with the SMS. Looking over the rosters around the league it doesn't look like that will be the case. But, I guess you have to factor in that alot of teams front loaded contracts before the deadline to get under this year. Once those contracts are expired in 3 years ? it should be interesting.

The way I see it, its a five year plan. Starting this year, the CFL will be completely transformed. By the time the 100th Grey Cup rolls around and Cohon's contract ends in 2012, the CFL will be bigger than ever, especially in Toronto who will be hosting 2 Grey Cups in 5 years! The salary cap will be at least $10 million, and average attendance will be at least 35,000 in cities that have a big enough stadium.

Ya piggy you are right the magic year will be 3 years. However the cap will be raised each year. So the impact might not be as bad as expected. The next couple of years will show very little impact. This year however we noticed several senior players already leave because of the SMS. Look at the free agent list there are a couple of guys sitting there unemployed.

But alot of those older vets don't represent a significant drop in talent, imo, since many of them are in the twilight of their careers. If anything, this will inject new blood into the league and possibly new stars. Let's just hope we can afford to keep them here.

Well as long as they raise the cap each year there is always a possiblity. But you have to know some still have that NFL dream and will cross over to try and you can not blame them. But with the rise of the Canadian dollar this will help as well but the dollars they get there is far superior regardless.

If only we could convert over those die hard NFL fans who live in Canada who do more bashing of the CFL than praising the NFL. Hopefully Akili Smith and Shaun King will help raise the crediablity of the league with them.

Remember that old commerical for the CFL that ran a few of years ago, when a rather large young man was mocking Toronto people saying "wah, we're too good for the CFL, wah we want the NFL." Although somewhat biting, there was an element of truth in that.

Comparing the NFL to the CFL is like comparing the NHL to the AHL. Both give you quality entertainment and have some great athletes but I am sure that the AHL fans are just as worthy of enjoying the sport of hockey and watching their league succeed as NHL fans. It would be uncool for NHL fans to try to change the subject as to who has the better product if AHL fans were excited about their league. The Manitoba Moose give the people of Winnipeg some fine hockey but think what a kick in the groin it must feel like to have some super snob mock their support of the team and the league by constantly reminding them that "it is not the NHL, therefore not worthy of my respect."

I love the CFL but I am from Saskatchewan so I have no choice. :wink:

OxBow, horrible example. lol.

It'd say it's more like the the Russia Super League vs. NHL

But the key thing is that the CFL and NFL compete for different players, like Charlie Roberts, Keith Stokes. CFL just wants talent for alot of positions not necessairly size where the NFL looks size first for alot of their players.

lol, as for in 5 years some people have some interesting ideas, 10M salary cap? unlikely in 5 years as the TSN deal that is only 16M is still in effect.
I am hoping the CFL keeps the current CFL cap level in effect until the 2009 Season, after that season with 3 years of it being at that level then it can be adjusted(raised) it especially needs to stay at that level if there are prospects of two teams(QBC, Ottawa) possibly joining around 2009-2010.

by the time Cohon is done I'm thinking a strong 10 team CFL, however it requires alot of things to be done about certain stadiums(winnipeg, Ottawa, QBC, Montreal)
however Winnipeg and Montreal are already in the process of stadium changes. Montreal will have 5K more seats for 2008, Winnipeg may have a new stadium by 2008 or 2009.

The CFL should have rising attendance/TV viewership putting them in line for a sizeable increase in the next TSN deal(to 24-33M per year)

by 2012-2013, the Cap should be around 5M or 5.5M, Base Salary of 45-50K CAD.(preferably Min salary tied to the salary cap, Min sal should = 1% of the cap)

Team by Team Revenues should average out to 14-16M, Although I hope I'm wrong and corporate sponsorship(both team and league/wide) go up by alot more then that and team by team Revenue gets past 20M(meaning a cap of 8-10M)

I was going to talk about the European leagues instead of the AHL but I was afraid that it might be the first time our american friends would hear the word European without some vulgar explicative connected with it or without rushing to get an atlas to see how close to Cleveland Europe was. It was an example of mercy.

lol, don't be merciful to the americans.

lol, don't compare the CFL to a feeder league either. different countries different leagues, simple as that.

Yes and your explanation about the two leagues attracting different types of athletes is about as accurate as it gets. I agree totally.

Montreal is adding to Molson stadium (or whatever it’s called)? Will they still play some games at the big owe?

The big O is a fascinating building. I went to about 20 Expos games there over the years. It is so cool looking from the outside by once you are inside it is nothing but a big echo chamber lacking atmosphere.
When the Montreal Machine played their opening game there in the short lived World Football League about 18 years ago, the people filled the place. There were something like 50,000+ people there.
It would be nice for the Alouettes and the league to fill that place all the time but I doubt it. It is just not a good statium.

This doesnt tell me how well you think the CFL as a whole will do this year. My feeling is this league will turn the financial corner this season, with the teams being stronger and stable off the field. This is the year that the CFL loses its image as a league that can fold at any second to a league that is looking to grow within these borders. Its been a long time coming, but this league will finally earn the respect it has deserved, but has never gotten from media and some fans.

Perceptions are changing - and perception is everything.

It has been hard in the past for those other than us die-hards to make the emotional/financial commitment to a league that seemed on the verge of folding any second.

those days are gone it seems - and a great more people seem willing to take a another look (and my experience is most like what they see).

Last year a good friend of mine - a committed NFL man was becoming disillusioned with that league and started watching CFL games with me. He was really impressed - so much so he has sworn off the NFL - kind of embarrassed that he had missed this great product that has been in his back yard off these years.

I live in the K/W area and I have arranged a trip down to the Rogers centre to see my Argo's play - 15 guys are on board - most of who are not CFLer's but are again showing interest - and they seem very excited about the trip.

If the league seems stable - people will come - its that simple. Marketing is everything and they seem to have figured that out. :thup:

im bringin a few cousins to the ticats home opener ( against the argos )....good way to showcase the CFL to newbies ( aged 15-18 )in a packed IWS against thier most hated rivals.

Im going with my dad to the Bombers home opener,It's also his birthday that day too.

the cfl is going to have an outstanding year

what is SMS?

Salary Management System.

Sorry to burst your bubble a little here but the salary cap will not be $10 m by 2012.. sorry but that'll never happen.. if anything, it'll go up by 2 at the most.