A behind the scenes look at the Command Centre

They have to be much better, but, nice to see what is happening behind the ref's microphone.
I can live with missed calls by the Ref, I cannot accept missed calls by the Control Room.

This is well worth watching!

Command Centre should be correct 99% of the time. 1 mistake out of 100 is acceptable as it is run by humans and we do make mistakes, but with multiple views, full speed, slo-mo, stop frame that is the most they should err. And to be clear, video is inconclusive is also a correct response.

Edit: Just watched that video and a few observations;

  1. Glenn Johnson said he was "good at his craft" as an on field official. ;D ;D ;D ;D

  2. The controversial plays they looked at were not explained so what was the point. League had already admitted the CC was wrong this piece was the perfect opportunity to build some trust in the fans by explaining why they were wrong and what are they considering to fix those issues. Once again Johnson blows it.

  3. The league believes video review must be better. ::slight_smile: They have given no indication they are doing anything to fix this disastrous system. The new commish is at least talking about it (more than can be said for anyone in the past) so let's see what happens this off season. However, the complete lack of credibility Johnson has means the league needs to make some major changes before the 2018 season or they will be clearly sending the message that it is staying the course of paying lip service to a problem that is killing the game.

I hope the new commish follows through this off season.

Thanks for posting that Grover. Very interesting viewing, even in slo-mo. :wink: