A Beautiful Night for Football

Oskee wee wee indeed!!! What an amazing game in Tiger Town last night. Nice to get a win, and a win at home to boot! That game should spark a sold out labor day crowd!

This weeks story "Radio Somewhere - Canadian Football at 900KHz, is now available at http://www.abeautifulnightforfootball.com.


Larry: Please edit your link. The last word should be football not fotball. Good luck with your website.

You can now also find us at www.abnff.com . Just a few less characters. 21 less to be exact.


Your latest article makes reference to fans who listen to the game on the radio while they are at the game. I had often wondered the same thing. But last night for the first ever I listened to the game I was watching live. I definitely understand now why people do it. I certainly gained a lot of insight.

By the way, congrats on the baby, keep us informed.

That's awesome. I actually brought my radio with me to last nights game and I dropped it three times. I had too many gadgets with me. :slight_smile: I guess when the Cats give you that many reasons to jump out of your seat and cheer, you are bound to drop a few things. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the congrats. I will keep everyone posted for sure.

As promised, I am please to announce we had a baby girl last night. Abby Rose. Kind of sounds like my favorite album. :slight_smile:

A new CFL fan is born. :slight_smile: