A BC blowout game?

All of the games we've seen BC play they barely get by by a slim margin of points. Anyone else want to see some blowouts by this team? You'd think with a 6-0 record they should have at least a couple 20-30 point wins.

I'm just not convinced that this team is yet the dominating force their record seems to show. You can't argue that they do indeed get enough points to win but is it very reliable to keep going against the odds and keep winning these 3-7 point games? Sooner or later you're gonna get beat in these nailbiter games. :shock:

The reality is that while it would be great to win by 10-20 points everygame, winning the tight games shows that this team has character and determination. Sometimes winning close games is more of a telling tale than winning the blowouts. No team in the CFL likes to give up, and the Lions have to learn how to play with the lead better. But the fact that they are 6-0, I could really care less if they win by 3 or by 30. Sure, winning by 30 would be nicer, but I'll take whatever wins we can get. Remember, it's not all up to the Lions how much they win by. If the other team is playing well, just as the Lions, It's going to be a close game.

Complaining about how many points the Lions win by is definetly a complaint most teams in the CFL would like to get.

I remember a coach telling a reporter that as long as it was two points, he could care less about the margin of win. (Bud Grant? Don Shula? Vince Lombardi? Don Cherry?) At the end of the season, all an owner looks at is wins or losses.

It is a testimony as to how much parridy there actually exists in the league…

If I told you Hamilton will secure their first win of the season Saturday in Winnipeg you might well laugh in my face, but Hamilton’s record is not indicative of their potential.

The same is true of those who have matched with the Lions so far this season, they have all at one point thought they could hand the Lions their first loss of the season, but someway the Leos found the extra gear to get a W in the win column.

Rest assured we will be beaten this season, and the Lions are also sure to create some blowouts of other teams as we begin the second third of the season, but we also have not reached our fully charged potential yet…

When that day comes we may have to revisit this thread UnrealRiders!

BC LIons Kick Ass :shock: :shock: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :twisted: :evil: :evil: :twisted:

Well Montreal was 6-0 last year. Then at the end of the season they lost 3 straight, and played a worthless game against the Argonauts second stringers before getting beat in the East Final.

I guess the key is to make the playoffs on a good note with all your playmakers healthy, and anything can happen from there. At least in BC you can be assured that if Dickenson goes down Casey Printers is ready to go. Where as when Calvillo got injured last year the Als were finished.

It is nice now and again to see your guys blow an opponent out and this gets opportunities for other guys like QBs to get game time.

The problem is that all the teams have good personnel for the most part these days. Look at Ottawa and what they have done. Depth may be an issue over the season for them but lots thought they would be big losers this year.

It is likely more exciting and better for tv getting fans if the games aren't foregone conclusions before they start and with the BC - Calgary game tonight, no one on the Lions is likely expecting an easy win. If they were, there could be big celebrating in Calgary later this evening. The only other thing more boring than a blow out unless your team is on top is a 10-7 NFL game with the announcers going crazy and how great a battle it is.

I prefer the tight games...as long as one team isn't playing badly. Tight games are much more exciting to watch, and they also show that the teams are mostly evenly matched.

Watching some of the teams this year, I'm thinking that their records do not show their ability at all. I think most are so evenly matched, that one or two plays really can make the difference. How many blowouts have their been this year? 1? 2? No more than that. I think the only semi-real blowout was the 44-20 win of Calgary over Sask a few weeks back. Other than that...

Last night's Ottawa/Sask game was tight, and I think would have turned out very differently if it hadn't been for those 5 turnovers by Sask. That really killed them.

i agree i like the tight games. and as far as the record goes. that was montreal you cant compare the lions to other teams history. if you look at our history the last time we went on this long with wins, we went to the big show and walked away with the cup, lets hope history repeats itself, and besides look at the game vs cgy on the 29th, down 16 points come back to win by 13, that shows that this team wants the W, or else they wouldve crawled over and died in the second half,

Sask over Winnipeg, Calgary over Sask, Montreal over Sask. I think that is it for blowouts this year.

And the shiney cup and the parade! Sportsmen that was one awesome team from the coast last night. The Stamps just like helping them out and I really do not think they need help to win. Hopefully by the time the playoffs come around they can fix that and make a game out of it.

I forgot the Shiney Cup and parade! Thanks R&W2005 Without the turnovers the game would have been interesting! What if Crysdale was back on the line???Less problems with the exchange from centre?

You guys will be in the playoffs. You have a quality team.

The Lions too are very good and for real. Great entertaining football.

well there you have it, our FIRST BLOW OUT, even though the pussy cats set them selves up for a huge loss in a arena full of lions, we just killed them, 3 big plays for us in the first quarter…

Lions still stalled in the 2nd half but I guess with Printers still a little rusty, it was to be expected. DD is apparently going to be out until the Gades game on Sept 8 but Lions will know better after the weekend.

lol very true lionbacker. but still 39-14 still a blow out on the score board.

What is going on? The paper says 39-15. The CFL site says 39-13. Lionsfan12 says 39-14...

Which one is it? I missed the last 90 seconds of the game...

well i missed the feild goal, or if they made a 2 pt conversion. i assumed they just kicked the ball, but i just checked tsn.ca, and they say 39-15, so my bad,