A baseball team in Denver Colorado sure likes us a lot......

[url=http://naba.statdepot.com/leagues/Denver/DenverTiger-Cats/default.aspx]http://naba.statdepot.com/leagues/Denve ... fault.aspx[/url]

They even promote Ticats.Ca right on our own logo........lol :lol:

Ok, I just might really get into this baseball team to be honest. :thup:

I could be wrong but is that not totally illegal?

I was thinking the same thing! HAHAHA, Oh well I dont mind, at least they have the Ticats.ca posted!:stuck_out_tongue:

haha that's hilarious, you would think if they were going to steal a picture from us they would get one that didn't say ticats.ca on it, or at least cut it out.

oh well, good advertising for us. :smiley:

We may be getting royalties of some sort.

Looks like a total fun league. One of the rules is they have to clean up the field after the game! Ti-Cats should send them down some cool stuff, good publicity and good will.

The league the Denver Tiger-Cats are in also has a cool logo....


And, here's the other logo the Denver Tiger-Cats uses........looks rather familiar eh?... :wink: :rockin:

They have good taste anyhow.....

[url=http://naba.statdepot.com/leagues/Denver/DenverTiger-Cats/Site%20Images/Forms/DispForm.aspx?ID=3&Source=http%3A%2F%2Fnaba.statdepot.com%2Fleagues%2FDenver%2FDenverTiger-Cats%2FSite%2520Images%2FForms%2FAllItems.aspx&RootFolder=%2Fleagues%2FDenver%2FDenverTiger-Cats%2FSite%20Images]http://naba.statdepot.com/leagues/Denve ... e%20Images[/url]

I'm surprised that someone who is so concerned with the legalities of the internet, would find such a clear cut case of copyright infringement cute or amusing, deerhunter.

Bob Young paid good money to trademark that logo and (as much as I prefer the old one) nobody else should be using ours.

It's not a professional league. Would you like Steinbrenner to sue every little league team named the Yankees and uses their logo.

The team probably has a transplanted Tiger-Cat fan on the team. I wanted to name my Slo-Pitch team out here in Victoria the Tiger-Cat's. Couldn't get all the Lion's fans on board though.

I believe the Canadian Football League owns the trademarks associated with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. That according to The Government Trademarks Office (Intellectual Property).....Industry Canada

[url=http://www.ic.gc.ca/app/opic-cipo/trdmrks/srch/vwTrdmrk.do;jsessionid=0000fJJC8Zz4TPo4le_lyq0FddD:1247nfca5?lang=eng&fileNumber=0354750&extension=0&startingDocumentIndexOnPage=1]http://www.ic.gc.ca/app/opic-cipo/trdmr ... exOnPage=1[/url]

Aside from that, I never made any arbitrary opinions on the legalities of the Denver Tiger-Cats using the Tiger-Cats logo because for all I know, they may have obtained permission to use it already. I never assume stuff like that..........but I do think it's cool that a baseball team in Denver would adopt our "look" and think so highly of our logo that they want to use it also.

As far as your concern about it being an infringement and a serious concern for the Tiger-Cats or the CFL ?.....well, if the head office wasn't aware of this before, I'm sure they are now and will deal with it in the manner they feel is appropriate (if they feel it is even necessary).

As a fan though, I always like it when our team gets free promotion and recognition from afar. The Denver Tiger-Cats haven't done anything malicious to us and in fact, quite the opposite.

Of course, there's always the possibility that Bob Young is moon-lighting on us and secretly owns a baseball team too....... :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I have a great idea, let's bring this team to Hamilton sometime and play a fun baseball game agains't our TiCats at Bernie Arbour for a fundraiser for something, that would be alright I think.

Only if you pay for their air fair from Denver, or at least greyhound tickets :wink:

Ok, now it seems like everybody likes our logo :rockin: ......looks like this team from Quebec took our new Tiger head and pasted it onto an old body...... :lol: :lol: :lol:

here's the link:


It appears that the NABA is strictly an amateur league, and probably make no income from it, and with the link they provide, acknowledge the source of their logo. It appears no different than the multiple kids leagues in all sports that name their teams after professional counterparts.

I've always been curious though if the Tiger-Cats ever received royalties from Princeton using their logo all these years...

OK...I'm reading this and thinking to myself "I remember Bob telling us a story, perhaps in one of his caretaker updates, about a town in Ohio, or some place south of here, that was using our Ticat Logo.

He suggested we get off the beaten path and check this town out. I know he had no problem with it!

Does that ring a bell with anyone? OH, and "deerhunter", you have too much time on your hands too. :wink:

I agree 100%........it doesn't seem anyone down there in the States is up to anything untoward with the logo......in fact I think it's a feather in the Ticat's hat that people like our logo and name.....

As far as trademarks go, I know that you have to specifically trademark in the States as well as Canada if you want to really enforce it.....

This sort of stuff is a great opportunity to spread some good will south of the border though......sure, it may be only a few dozen people involved but you never know how many people they will tell .......it's always positive even if you gain one fan at a time I say !......perhaps the Tiger-Cats can send them an e-mail saying........ "Hey guys!...thanks for helping to spread the word about the Hamilton Tiger-Cats!....you can use out logo free of charge as long as your team wears Official Hamilton Tiger-Cats baseball caps we want to ship down to you...........and we need a team photo to show off up here on our website and in the Head Office.........Deal? " :twisted: :twisted: :lol:

And yes Woody, I do recall Bob Young visiting some team down stateside just to give them a personal, in-person thumbs up and support for using our logo.......

There's also one of the big Sports Radio Stations in Detroit where they have a photo on their website of one of the popular hosts showing off his new Hamilton Tiger-Cats hat and that he was all pumped up to have snagged one......here's the link.......you'll have to scroll down the page to find the photo.....


Speaking of Tiger-Cat logos, has anyone ever seen one of these?..... (A Tiger-Cat BBQ Jersey of all things......too funny !!) :lol: :lol:

I've honestly never seen one nor did I know they even existed.......really neat though! :rockin:

look here: http://www.grillacovers.com/albums/albu ... 934031.htm

Yup. Canadian Tire.

Here's a few action shots of Tiger-Cats players in 1967 with the special Centennial Logo.......I've seen the logo many times but not in actual game photos....

these are kind of neat :

[url=http://lh6.ggpht.com/_bQ-9YGBlBzs/ScLxCHGDczI/AAAAAAAAGsY/MXmyfS0iR74/s512/y4e.jpg]http://lh6.ggpht.com/_bQ-9YGBlBzs/ScLxC ... 12/y4e.jpg[/url] [url=http://lh6.ggpht.com/_bQ-9YGBlBzs/ScLxMHSTYdI/AAAAAAAAGso/mX9CoOw_PSI/s512/t67uk.jpg]http://lh6.ggpht.com/_bQ-9YGBlBzs/ScLxM ... /t67uk.jpg[/url]