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Soruces close to Argo Management say a loss by Argos may well be Bart Andrus last game. Seems there is in fighting and finger pointing according to CFL Insider Naylor

As much as Bart has made mistakes, cleaning house ala Bruce was the right move.
We have to stay the course and give him next year, with the understanding he will hire a CFL experienced OC to run the offense.

Bomber fans aren't suppose to be coming on our site stirring the pot. You're hurting our feelings. Mods!!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds to me like Rita and Mohns are being pre-emptive. That would be disgusting if Andrus got fired and these two lard azzes get to keep their jobs again. They should cut Joseph and fire the two old lazy arz

It's going to be tough to fire him on a short week. I think you wait until the end of the season. Look what happened last year with Matthews.

If the Argos are going to fire Andrus, wait until after this Friday's game.

I see the same thing happening to the Argos as what happened to us when we hired Taafe.

Taafe was in the States for too long, and hired the wrong coordinators.

It worked well in Montreal because the coordinators had CFL experience. You can't hire guys with US Football experience only.

Pinball is the guy who can motivate. People want to play for him.

Like most of us have been saying, Printers should have been in camp this year but most defenitely has to be invited next year.
As for Rita and Mohns I think their time has run out.
I would bring back Eric Tillman as the man has way more contacts and is a better evaluator of talent than the two current guys combined.

Good post Argo Tom....Only Winnipeg goe through more Coaches than you guys...... :wink:

This article just came in....we are staying the course with Andrus

[url=http://www.nationalpost.com/sports/story.html?id=1973459]http://www.nationalpost.com/sports/stor ... id=1973459[/url]

I agree with the article. The problems with the Argos go much deeper than the head coaching position. It is the the GM's job to put a good team on the field and I believe Andrus can do a great job with a good group of disciplined players. Stay the course and things will turn around.

I do not know about Mohns, but Rita had zero to do with the circus act in Argoland the last 3 years or so. Pinball was advising the Argos for the most part. Rita was for staying with Bishop, had no say in bringing in Joseph! Had NO/ZERO part in bringing in Bartly! When Bartly was hired, Rita advised Bart the fart to hire CFL experienced assts. Pinball is still advising Argos to a degree. Rita also had zero to do with trashing Rich Stubler.

Andrus is not fit for office. Argos should apologise to Stubler and reinstate him with full contol over his players, as was promised him before he took the job. I am ashamed of the current Argo Management (minus Rita???, I think ?) My team up until last year, my beloved Argos, are a bunch of unethical sob`s. Pinball has really gone down in my books, lost respect for him as a person.

Where is the actual evidence that Pinball is pulling strings behind the scenes? At what point do you start holding the men in charge (Rita and Mohns) accountable for the mess they've made in Toronto? Pinball is a PR guy now. He isn't involved with football operations anymore, and though management might seek his advice on occasion, that's a far cry from him being some sort of power behind the throne.

I do not know what, if any advice Pinball is giving these days, I was talking about up until the end of last season. No I was not at any of the meetings, everything about Pinball being the go to guy for advice from the owners, has been documented in the media. Rita had nothing to do with either bringing in Joseph, or Bartly. Also Adam Rita also answers his telephone,he will speak to a fan if you can get through. Want to talk to Adam Rita on the phone? Call the Argo office on Saturday morning, no switchboard operator, you just punch in the letters of the persons name. I like a man that answers his own phone! Adam does

All I know is that Pinball isn't at the root of the team's troubles. He is a PR guy all the way. He's busy hosting his tv show & shaking hands. I wish he was in charge! As a coach his players loved him & played hard. Every player I've seen interviewed who played with or under Pinball can't say enough good things about him. Maybe I've missed something along the way, but I think that Pinball is the greatest ambassador this league has.

Just ask Rich Stubler how he feels about Pinball. It was shameful what Argos/Pinball did to Rich, they shit on him.

Ya, I agree. I do like Pinball & I like the image he projects, but if he was the mastermind behind Stubler, then that sucks. I was a huge Stubler fan.