a 500 Team

I think this is a 500 team with Marcel at coach and Glenn at QB .

When the team is well prepared and Oline is protecting and the running game is working then Glenn can look good but when there is a pass rush or good coverage or poor play selection then he looks lost as he cannot scramle and can’t seem to throw accurately when in the pocket with a pass rush coming …if a team has good cover backs and/ or a good pass rush then Glenn is in trouble …Winnipeg has both …

Marcel ??? hmmm well when the whole team plays bad and looks ill prepared and flat and being outsmarted on both sides of the ball you have to blame the coach …

last week that pick that set carr free for a td was a great play by WPG …and when Pierce ran up the middle for a td I still have no idea where OUR mlb Williams was …

I think we do not have any good cover man in the secondary and we need a couple good DT’s .

Simmons as OT gets outmatched whenever he plays so i hope Johnson is back …

We also shoudl use Thigpen and Grant a bit more snce they are keying on C Williams …

if we finsh below 500 and don’t win our playoff game again then i think we replace GLENN and Marcel as that would be 3 years in a row of choking in the first round of the playoffs …

I don’t think playing 500 and then stinking out the joint in the first game of the playoffs is good enough

Guys I agree Marcel and Glen are some of the Problem

But it Higher up the Food Chain Obie and Scott Mitchel Also have go ...

This Team maybe worst Ticat Team making the playoffs with less then 500 Record.

Obie is The Matt Millen of the CFL as a GM.
Great personal guy but he should stick to being a Scout.

The Detroit Lions did not good Good Till Millen was Canned
They went 0-16 but are now 5-0 and so Far are one better Teams in the NFL.

How they do this
They rebulit the Team From Team Present down it's scouting Staff.
Now there 5-0 With one best defenses lines in the NFL
A good Scoring Offence.

They Cats need a Total Rebuild.. and they won't ever Happen.
As long Scott Mitchel and Obie are there ..

An interesting decision to be made should this season ultimately end up like the two previous.

Given we finish .500 or a near .500 and bow our first round, do we attempt to build up again with Glenn, Marcel & co or do we blow it up and risk a season or two back at 3 to 5 wins?

I disagree with a total rebuild . They just need a new head coach and new QB .

They have good young receivers and decent OLINE with developing youbngsters in Rottier and Dyakowski
The dline is ok and Baggs and Hickman are still young .. They have the best linebacking corps in the league and they are all young ..ryan hinds is a good ratio buster in the backfield ..but they need to improve that secondary ...we also need to improve our canadian content on the dline and at receiver ...our kick returners and kicking game are amonst the best in the game ..players like T Grant , C Wiliiams , B Grant, Kelly and Thigpen all have a lot more upside to show ....and with a good QB , experienced head coach and dramtically upgrade DB' thsi team could be a serious contender for a long time

Rottier in his option year... He may not be back

sorry But I want to blow it up

.500 yet again, but in this season of parity the Tiger-Cats have only 2 wins less than the 2 top teams and only 1 less than the 3 teams tied with the second best record of 8-6. Hamilton is not the only inconsistent team.

So none of them are that far removed from .500

I now feel better about being mediocre. :lol:

Better then being under 500. Your all be singing a different tune when we win the Grey Cup this year. The playoffs are a whole new game. Just remember you heard it here first!
It takes more them 1 or 2 guys to win a game, this is a team sport and when the Cats are on there game, they are unbeatable. This will be the case this year in the playoffs! Marcel has brought this team to the playoffS every year he has been at the helm!
Everyone jumps on the wagon when they win and jumps right back off when they losse!
You guys talk about the players not living up to your expectations, try being loyal fans and this might change!

We haven't been able to win 3 games in a row all year. Now we will knock off both Winnipeg and Montreal in their stadiums. Then go on to beat Calgary or possibly BC hosting a home field Grey Cup. Sounds like quite the monumental task. I wonder what the Las Vegas oddsmakers would give that scenario?

The inconsistency of this team is enough to make the most confirmed teatotalers FALL off the wagon. :wink:


If the QB and Head Coach aren't capable and aren't getting it done .... and it's been like this for awhile... and nothing has been done about it.... then isn't it someone else that needs to get the axe.... just saying...

If the QB and Head Coach aren't capable and aren't getting it done .... and it's been like this for awhile... and nothing has been done about it.... then isn't it someone else that needs to get the axe.... just saying...
That is a very good point but we all think OBIE has a nose for talent ...