A 4-down CFL?

At the risk of broaching a subject that may have already been dealt with ad nauseum in the past, I would like to consider a 4-down CFL.

There has been much talk on recent posts about the Als' O, the pass-first philosophy, a balanced attack...etc. To my mind, when a running play only gets about 2 yards on 1st down, there aren't a whole lot of options left to CFL QBs or head coaches for 2nd-and-long. A pass is nearly always the preferred option. Conversely, when a 1st down gains 6 or more yeards, then the playbook opens up to the QB and the proverbial "balanced attack" can be realized.

One criticism of the NFL has been the smash-mouth, "run it down their throats" approach on 1st and even 2nd down. To some, this is rather dull, but is also effective football. To my mind, the key to success for the O team is to make gains and manage the clock. Keeping the opposing D off the field gives you greater chance for success.

To this end, I think the CFL could be better served by a 4-down approach. All teams could develop a more effective running game and create better balance to their offensive schemes.

What say you?

With all due respect, no, no, and a thousand times no.

If I want to watch four-down football, I'll watch the NFL. Three-down football is a unique Canadian game.

Also, you can't just move to four downs without an enormous impact on the game. It's not just three-down football that makes the CFL different: the wider field, extra player, unlimited pre-snap motion, and defenses lining up a yard off the ball all combine to make the Canadian game unique.

I love the game as it is. If you want to win in this league, you can't just manage the game, you have to go out and win it.

Agreed. 100% no.110% no.

I agree with Discipline, fooling around with 4 downs is the beginning of the "slippery slope". Next will come the "Fair Catch" and less motion.

Leave the Canadian game as it is.

No to four downs! :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

JAMAIS TABARN...! :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Le vrai football, ça a 3 essais, pis un terrain de 65 verges X 150 verges.

4 essais, c'est un jeu sans défi fait pour donner une chance à ceux qui devraient s'améliorer.

On a déjà des pointages plus élevés que dans la NFL, un jeu plus rapide, plus de mouvement sur le terrain, des retours de botté spectaculaires, et j'en passe. C'est la NFL qui devrait adopter notre football, pas l'inverse.

La NFL, ça peut pas marcher au Canada parce qu'ici, le marché est plus morcelé et le football est le sport numéro 2 de la plupart des canadiens.

4 DAONS CFL FOOTBALL = :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

C'est tu assez clair? GO CFL 3 DAONS FOOTBALL!


CFL Tradition is and always will be; 3 down football no matter what.

While we are at it, why do we not push the envelope further? What about a five-down football game? In that case coaches can really make a balance (like the OP said) of all kind of plays. :wink:

I don't want to be mean or anything...
But the idea, the post and the fact that anyone's even
discussing it is absurd, annoying and frankly not even
deserving of the accusation of heinous blasphemy.

If you watch a lot of CFL games online, chat boxes
inevitably fill with Americans bent on touting the
superiority of their game...their athletes...and of course
ultimately their country.
I won't delve into theories about their inferiority complex...
but it's odd they seem to always want to watch the CFL
or is it just to bully us quirky inoffensive rubes?

Personally I have no interest in the NFL, never watch it.
If the CFL goes 4 downs, stops using Canadian talent,
I'll stop watching football altogether.
I'm probably not in the majority on this, but probably
not alone either.

Well, well, well! Quite obviously, the vast majority of you are in favour of a 3-down league.

I do, however, take umbrage with the comment that discussion is "absurd". The CFL rules committe has made rule changes virutally every year, some of which are quite significant and have had an impact on the game.

The post was meant to stimulate discussion, which for the most part it has. I think remarks need to be directed at the topic, not the poster.

Ironiquement, stagnation ne rime pas avec évolution. Les gens de la LCF changent les règles parce qu'ils veulent faire évoluer le jeu. Parfois ça fonctionne, parfois pas. Mais au moins, ils ne stagnent pas, eux.

Bon. J'ai fini de perdre mon temps avec cette question.

Salut, les gars!

Seriously, LOL at the comparison of yearly CFL rule changes with fundamentally altering the way the game is played (going to four-down football). One has nothing to do with the other.

Although I am completely against the idea of moving to a 4-down game, I have no problem with the original poster taking a chance and bringing the discussion topic to the table. Nothing 'absurd' about it. :wink:

Thanks for that, Crimson Fox. For LeStaf, please watch your (almost!) vulgar response. You may indeed choose to disagree with a given topic; that is your right. There are rules of decorum for this forum.

Two words: HELL NO!!!! Keep the Canadian Football League []]Canadian[/i]. One thing I would change, though, is have more Canadians on the roster, especially the third QB spot.

Funny no one wants to touch the contention of "arrogance" Americans continue to show towards our league, our country and the rest of the world for that matter. You can guess how they would respond if the roles were reversed.
Yep...I come across this attitude problem EVERY time I watch a CFL game.

I agree that no one should feel any hesitation in asking any questions in this or any other forum. By the same token, I reserve the right (as should anyone) to question the motivation behind such questions. I may be wrong in this case, but it needed to be said.

As American hegemony continues to whither and pass into history, such attitudes will be little more than nostalgic throwbacks...but I take exception to all forms of bullying, no matter how silly and insignificant they might seem.

It might be remembered that Cohon tried to greatly reduce the import ratio in the off season....and TSN did a real job lobbying in the same vein, hyping the Baltimore team's success and pointing out that there was no non-import quotas on American expansion teams. To counter, I might interject that since moving to Montreal in 1996, that team has arguably been the most dominant force in the CFL....WITH the ratio in force.

Quirky and provincial it may be. The CFL is a three down game. It's excitement and it's speed derives in large part from this ESSENTIAL aspect. To try to change this would be to obliterate decades of history and uniqueness.
And that IS absurd.

Great posts, guys! Quite obviously, all of you who took the time to respond (in most cases strongly!) feel that the 3-down game should remain as it is.

No one knows what the future of the CFL is. We are already down to 8 teams from what used to be a 9-team league. I have been an Als fan since the 60's, but even Montreal lost its team some years ago. I hope the CFL has a great and long future and will expand in future.

When the CFL did expand into the USA, the Canadian game did not seem to catch on, although some teams had good attendance. This of course is not exclusively due to 3-down football; there were a number of issues.

I look at NFL games with some envy and see crowds of 80,000 - 100,00. With the exception of the Riders (with a whole province backing them!) and Montreal which sells out a rather small stadium (25,000), our teams, many of them with large populations and with stadia of 50,000+, are half empty. Why? - marketing? apathy? too many other distractions?... Well, that may be the theme of some future post.

Thanks for the discussion!