A 2nd home playoff game for TiCats?

13,000 plus people showed up in cold windy rainy Guelph for the ESF it would stand that those same plus more go to another stadium not in Hamilton but uniquely close.
There are other pro teams in other sports that play close to each other but the Hamilton fans have a unique situation where RC the home of the Argos seats 55K and they will draw about 25K leaving a lot of seats for the visiting team.
If I were a Hamilton fan living in Hamilton you can bet if I sat through that miserable weather today i would be in RC to see the EF.
What are the thoughts of Hamilton fans on this?

First off, if you exclude Hamilton games, the Argos typically draw around 20,000. 19,860 to be exact, so when the tabbies come to town, attendance is usually around 9-10,000 higher, so we tend to fill out a third of the place. The thing though, it seems like there are a lot more Ti-Cat fans because a large chunk of so called "Argo fans" sit on their hands during the game and either don't cheer or complain about how it's not the NFL, at least from my own personal experience.

The big issue I've found fans have had going to Toronto is cost and time. Yes, Toronto is around the same distance as Guelph, but without fail you will be stuck in at least a half hour of gridlock, only to get there and pay $20 for parking plus gas. It's not like Guelph where the businesses are fine with you parking there so long as you buy a beer. You could take the GO Train and avoid the gridlock, but that's another $20 round trip, and you have to be back by 1-2am if you want to get home. So, add that to a ticket, you're already dropping at least $60 for terrible seats (although generally fans will upgrade their seats because the dome is simply to big for the demand) or $70 for decent ones, and that's before food and drinks.

Now make no mistake, a large chunk of the Hamilton faithful are going to make the trip without fail, myself included. Every single Ti-Cat fan is going to be loud, proud and rowdy. I know a group of about 6 that is going with me, and I'm going to try to get another 2 guys at least to come.

Yes I agree for a regular season game many would not want to go through the hassle and the costs but this is the EF and like yourself i would guess that there are many more thinking the same thing. A chance like this does not come around that often and from what you have said it should be exciting to see Ti Cat fans load the RC.
What a great thing this will be for the CFL in Southern Ontario.

Now HAMILTON fans can't blame ARGO fans for the whole Southern Ontario market. So show up or shut up about CFL attendance in your area. :cowboy: After all , there are 3 football PRO teams with in 1 and a half drive from each other.
The Southern Ontario market is the hardest market in Canada. Montreal and Vancouver are tied for a very close second hardest market. :cowboy:

It is a very unique Chance to have both the Argos and Cats to be able to bring almost an equal amount of people to the EF placing 40K plus would be a great boost for the CFL in Southern Ontario. Fans coming form the south from Hamilton and from the Northern GTA for the Argos and space for both.

VERY TRUE = 100% :thup: :rockin: :cowboy:

Lets do better than the BILLS in Toronto , on Dec , 1st , 2013.