99 Ticats remote reunion

This brings back a flood of good vibes.

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Made my day. Great , Great, Great!
"Nice headset Oz."
Too funny


Sad that 4 years later the same team, coach and QB was 1-17.

That ā€˜99 team started getting slowly dismantled with free agency, trades, retirements etc. Team basically went bankrupt in 2003. Lancaster and McManus were still the faces of the franchise but Steinauer, McGriggs, Tiggle, Flutie, Grigg etc all gone


Yes a lot of that "99" team were indeed gone 4 years later but surprisingly there was 13 hold overs from that Grey Cup season that remained on that forgettable infamous record breaking 1-17 squad .

Here is the list of the unlucky 13 who went from being Champs to chumps in 4 short seasons.

Danny McManus -qb
Archie Amerson-sb/rb
Tony Akins-wr
Carl Coulter-c
Dave Hack-ot
Jarrett Smith-rb
Trevor Shaw-wr
Paul Osbaldiston-k
Joe Montford-de
Rob Hitchcock-s
Warren Muzika-lb
Chris Shelling-lb/db
Kyle Walters-db


The budget was so tight that Mike McCarthy had to use his own computer . How times have changed , thanks to the Caretaker . :grinning:

Pat Lynch (the aged one)

Good find. Iā€™m surprised there was that many left over. But looking at some of the names Iā€™d say most were nearing the end of their careers

It makes the 2004 Comeback year (9-8-1 ) with an aging quarterback and a rookie Canadian head coach even more impressive. It was the Caretaker's first season as owner and the old stadium was packed ( thanks in part to some giveaways but still...) and I couldn't believe the change of atmosphere in that stadium that year. Fun memories before the dark years arrived (2005-2008).

We lost Coulter to the Ottawa expansion draft 2002 and he was reacquired by the Cats in 2003.
Cats lost 2 from the OLine in that expansion draft including big Seth Dittman and it hurt bad

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