98 percent of players in favour of strike mandate

CFL News ?@CFL_News · 13m RT .@TSNDaveNaylor: According to source, strike votes have been counted on 7 of 9 CFL teams. 98 per cent in favour of a strike. #cfl #CFLPA

It’s a free country and let them strike and pay for the consequences. They will come back crumbling.


I think the league is doing the right thing. They are saying "Look, this is how much money we have, this is how much is on the books, you have our books so we aren't BSing you, this is how much we can afford to get our weaker teams out of the red (somewhat) and we're still giving you a solid raise."

The PA however is basically saying "We would rather strike, and risk any long term profit both of us will have then play for the money you are putting forward, even though that money will likely be even tighter after we strike."

I'll give Flory and the PA this, they certainly have united the players, even if it's a somewhat excessive cause. If I'm the league I shrug my shoulders and do everything I can to work on damage control to the brand and keep stating. "We've gone as far as we can, nothing's changed the players can play tomorrow for more money then they did the last few seasons. It's a shame yes, but we can't keep having owners losing money and we are still offering to pay them more."

I think its more like " we have shown you what we want you to see. We tried to cover up the true amount of our new massive TV deal and now that its out; we would like to take the lions share of the money throwing you only a few crumbs. If you don't like our deal we will go public that the notion of a few hundred thousand will somehow bury half the league in efforts to sway public opinion."

Yes, a free country, unions strike sometimes when negotiations are stalled. Part of life.

I see it differently. The past is the past and for Cohon to keep bringing up these stories just weakens the league. On the players side I keep hearing talk about the future...

This contract is based on the revenues going forward, it doesn't matter that Bob Young lost some money. Bob Wetenahall built a profitable business with much less. Players can't be held responsible for the poor decisions of some of these guys.

Its ok for Braley to tell MLSE this is how much his Argos are worth and walk away but not ok for the players to do the same ?

The players account for 20 to 25 percent of teams expenses. That is proof that these owners with perennial losses are absolutely incapable of running football teams.

We have 3 community owned teams making so much profit they don't know where to hide it and a bunch of VERY old men who own the private teams claiming to lose their shirt. Just that alone should make people question what's really going on. Its just not credible. The Math with the new TV Deal does not add up with the leagues offer, any of them.

There is a market for Pro football in this country, if these guys can't make it work, hand it over to Molson, MLSE and others who can integrate horizontally with their other business ventures, maybe that's the future. Maybe they would be interested if they didn't have to deal with that little "mob".

Obviously these guys can't grow this league in spite of a player payroll that is one of the lowest in pro sports.f

Who's hiding money ?


Back to the topic, that number astounds me. With so many of these players having very short careers it is surprising that they are willing to put 33-50% of their career on the line for benefits that may not ever see. At that level it makes me wonder if the CFLPA really has any intention to actually strike, or at least whether the players believe they would.

Man, sometimes I wish I was back in a union, it does have it's benefits I will say. :?

I don't believe the 98% Flory cant be trusted

So now you want him to count the votes on TV ? :lol:

They can count... and the owners can't field a product without them anyway. What is there to be scared about?

Braley has to figure out what he's going to do with 240 employees that live off these players labour.

I think some people may have voted for "unity" more so than they voted a strike. I wouldn't go so far as suggesting peer pressure without evidence, but these guys all know that they're in same boat and they appear to believe that someone is fighting on their behalf, so...

Does 98% want to strike? I doubt that very much. Does 98% want to stick by their brothers? I can believe that far more easily.

Says to me they trust their leadership is doing right by them.

And even if some of them might have done it grudgingly, at the end of the day, I believe that's exactly the message they were trying to send to the league. Mission accomplished.

hey 1991argo, glad to see you've moved your obsession to something else.

Was this vote taken before or after the latest league offer?.
If it was taken before than a new vote should take place on that offer

Also what was the source I wonder. Could this have been a phony number leaked out to scare management to give a final final offer that could eak out say maybe 100 to 200 K more to the cap.

Also I agree that the past is the past don'tbase anything on what has happened in the past. Hamilton's new stadium is set up as a revenue generating machine.Have naming rights sold for just about enverything and all of the premium seating sections that did not exist are sold out on top of having corpoate naming rights to them.

Also has Montreal been losing money? I would think that they should be making more money now they added 5K more seats 3 K ofwhich are usually sold so that has been 3K more in attendance since the reno. They have seen that 25 is toomany seats and are replacing it with premiumpatio seating which similar section has sold out in Hamilton and in EDMa similar section is beginning to sell out for the season as well.

As for the Argos Bell should be ashamed of themselves to not be a premier sponsor of the Argos

Hahaha.... only 2% voted against a strike?
7 of 350 players?

Never seen a total like that before.

Durant said maybe 50-50 on his team.


Watch out, the black helicopters of the CFLPA conspiracy army are coming!!!!!!!!!!!