There was never any doubt, year after year the fans of Edmonton are truly the best fans in the CFL and frankly in Canada.
Yesterday there were 46,014 and the game before, I know the Saskatchewan factor, but still 48,808 were in the stands.
For me it's not only the numbers, but having been at Commonwealth it is the entire package of the game day.
So far this year the Esks have averaged 38,849, are as usual on top of the attendance count.
Congratulation fans of Edmonton, number 1 in my books.

I have only been to games in Hamilton and Calgary but would LOVE to see a game in Saskatchewan and/or Edmonton. I couldn't care less if I ever see a game in Toronto.

Now from my experience...

Only been to 3 games. Last years first two games and this years Labour Day.

  • Loved the atmosphere.
  • Like the Blue Collar feel to IWS.
  • Loved the views from every seat I've been in.
  • HATE the concession stands.

Went to opening day a few years ago... when Tony Miles (?) punched Prefontaine on the sidelines.

  • Atmosphere was tame and boring. Especially for a home opener.
  • There didn't seem to be much energy at the game.
  • The concessions stands moved quickly and weren't bad at all.
  • The view from my seats was great.
  • Overal had an average game experience.

Robert Baker the so called touchdown maker.

Ahhh that's it! I was about 20 feet away when that took place. He was being an idiot on the field and then came off the field and continued to be an idiot. Pinball set him straight afterwards.

i go to a few games in toronto every year. anytime the cats are there and the odd one when the cats are away to get some live cfl in.

i dont understand why people say that there is no game day atmosphere there. I hate the argos more than any of you all, so dont think a fan at all. anyways, i would go watch the next ticats game in toronto, great times.

I just have no urge to see a game there. I don't like watching baseball there... why would I go watch a football game? Football should not be played indoors.

last time I went to the Rogers Centre to see a football game was a couple years ago...and it was even worse than going through airport security.. Walk through the metal detector, AND everyone had to get patted down.
I love going to the dome to watch the Jays but cant stand watching football there.