There was never any doubt, year after year the fans of Edmonton are truly the best fans in the CFL and frankly in Canada.
Yesterday there were 46,014 and the game before, I know the Saskatchewan factor, but still 48,808 were in the stands.
For me it's not only the numbers, but having been at Commonwealth it is the entire package of the game day.
So far this year the Esks have averaged 38,849, are as usual on top of the attendance count.
Congratulation fans of Edmonton, number 1 in my books.

helps when you have the ability to hold 50,000 fans....

So, if they average 38,849 and have 48,808 when Sask is in town, doesn't that say that Sask had 10,000 fans in somebody else's park?

The numbers seem to speak for themselves.

The fact that they lead the league last year in attendance while their team didn't make the playoffs says more to me than a couple big games. The fact they didn't sell out the labour day rematch also says something (although they had crappy weather for both those games).

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Riders are in first Place and have the best fans per capita!!!-- Riders Rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rider Pride Nation Wide :thup: :thup: :thup:
Riders Rule
Esks Drool

I know that is impressive, but tell me this; who's fans travel the most with their team? Just off the top of my head, the Rider fans usually fill up about 40% of Calgary's stadium when we play there. We always have around 10000 fans in Edmonton. There will be alot of Rider fans in Winnipeg this weekend. Plus we have sold out 12 in a row at Mosiac, and will probably sell out all remaining games of the year. Our home playoff game last year was sold out in less than 20 minutes when tickets went on sale to the general public. Labour day was sold out before the season started this year. When the temp seating was put in for the remaining games, those seats for Labour day sold out in less than 20 again. I'd say we have the best fans.

I think Edm has led the CFL in attendance each year since the Baltimore Stallions beat them out in 1994?

Who bloody well cares who has the best frickin' fans anyway? Each team sees it differently, each person sees it differently...it's a ridiculous argument that is NEVER resolved, nor should it be...:roll:

Warning Warning a bit of over kill in this post. Stamps have close to 29,900 seasons ticket holders. That leaves 6000 seats. How does that equate to 40 per cent.

Ok maybe a little. But there still is alot of green at Calgary games; more green in Calgary then Red at Mosiac. Maybe it is the fact that I can hear alot more Rider fans on TV while I'm watching the game then Calgary fans I don't know.

Im willing to bet if we could hold 48 thousand every game would be sold out. a sign a fan was holding at an away game a week or 2 ago put it best “We’re here because we can’t get tickets at home”

I know you people in the rest of the country probably get tired of hearing this but it's true....BC would have much higher attendance if we had an outdoor stadium.

There is far too much to do in Vancouver on a nice night and people hate being inside a muggy dome. Heck forget the dome, there's too much to do here period and Toronto has the same problem. The smaller canadian cities make the CFL a higher priority and I wish it was the same over here. In Vancouver the moderate football fan thinks the NFL is great and they go buy Seahawks tickets when they can.

All 4 West teams are well supported, and have visible support in opposing stadiums.

The Riders would not sell out 48,000, maybe for labour day or a playoff game, but not a regular game.

So infamous are you saying out there on the left coast, you have the same wanabee US love the No Fun League mentality?

Fortunately for me, most of my friends have been going to Lions games since we were little kids so we'll always support the CFL. However i have my share of friends who laugh at the CFL and get excited about the NFL because they feel the CFL is inferior. The only CFL game i can drag them to is the Western Final....which won't be happening this year :stuck_out_tongue:

Vancouver has too many people who feel we are an American city and they want the best of the best and the CFL doesnt cut it. The same people will jump off the Canucks bandwagon as soon as they start to struggle. It's a city full of fans that arent really fans, they just go with what is popular at the time.

Yeah 46,000 and they still black out the game. Classy

Yeah, I would like to learn how many Rider fans are ACTUALLY at the games in Calgary. People always throw around the "50% green" thing but I honestly doubt it's that much. I'd say there are about 10,000 Rider fans at those games (which is still a lot, yes, but not 50%). Though I will admit that some of the Stamps season ticket holders are likely displaced Rider fans. Anyway, I bet there are as many Rider fans at Rider games in Edmonton, as there are at Rider games in Calgary.

By the way, Edmonton may have had 90,000 people at their last two games, but Calgary sold out their last two home games. So it's like everyone else is saying - it helps that Edmonton has the biggest stadium in the league ...

And yes, Regina has done well to sell out the last 12 home games - that is impressive, and only Montreal can say the same - but I seem to remember that before then, sellouts were few and far between (ie, pretty much only on Labour Day). Not saying that isn't the case in pretty much every other CFL city - but I am saying that Regina really hasn't been selling out for THAT long.

And, I'm disappointed to hear that NFL-snob attitude is still prevalent in Vancouver ...

Because most of those 29,900 are actually Rider fans who know that they only way they'll get tickets to the Rider games at McMahon are to buy Season's tickets. :slight_smile:

I was one of those Rider fans that drove to cowtown, but lets be honest, the numbers are more in the 25% range.

I was at both of those Eskimo games... not an Eskimo fan... Live in Edmonton... Like football.... (bet Im not the only one)

Well, you Capitalists in Calgary probaby Re-sold those 60% of seats at three times the price to Rider fans and then watched the game in the bars! :wink: :wink: