# 92 Vaughn hurt against Als late in game

92 Vaughn hurt his arm late in the game in the last few minutes ,seemed to me about the time when Montreal would be looking to get even after we kicked the Field Goal to make it fifty points ,embarrassing them .The look on some of the defenders on Montreal was a look of shock .
Wondering if Vaughns injury is a result of that disgust of the Al's Defence & getting revenge...or that never happens ....You could hear Vaughn yelling in extreme pain , hope he's OK !

Looked, to me, like something broken, somewhere in the right arm, wrist, or hand, or possibly a right side shoulder dislocation. I think we can expect him to be out for awhile. But, I wasn't confident we'd see Speedy in uniform this week. So, ??

Pretty serious claim unless you saw something on the play where he got hurt. Injuries do happen in football for reasons other than foul play.

One thing I would point out is that the vengeance-seeking MTL defence is not on the field at the same time as Vaughn.

  1. The incident happened at the Montreal bench. A Montreal player was chased down and out of bounds at the bench, and Montreal HC Mike Sherman was knocked on his ass as a result of the melee that resulted.

It was after that dust up that Vaughn was helped off the field by the trainers, holding his right arm
very gingerly !! It didn't look good, that's for sure :-\

And without making any particular claim about what happened in this instance, it's certainly possible to injure your hand or wrist delivering a shot rather than receiving one.

This is a silly thread. I’d prefer to see it removed.

  1. And what exactly is silly about it ??

You would prefer to see the thread removed you say ?? Wow, why don't you become a mod on
here, then you can just remove any or all threads that you don't like, or that offend you. ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

If anything is silly, it is your comment !!

They were handling it very gingerly when taking him of the field, lets hope its not serious. Vaughn is a good young player and we what him back as soon as possible. We'll have to get Grover to investigate right away. ;D

As he was approaching bench Masoli and others shook their heads after looking at his arm/wrist. Guessing it's a fracture

I wish I could write this and get a bunch of threads on here removed....

Since you ask, what is silly is the accusation that the Montreal players, upset about losing, took the opportunity to break Vaughan’s arm in revenge for the loss.

I did not ask to have it removed, only stated that I would prefer to see it removed. As I would any similar posts stating similar comments.

You apparently disagree with me, which I fully accept.

I can fully expect a Player on a Football team when embarrassed 50-11 to take revenge with a cheap accidental on purpose shot ...Silly or you're naive ....hmmmm...

No one made an accusation that they broke his arm. He states he was wondering if the injury was of the ALs getting revenge.

Sorry Johnny, but even re-reading the original post, it still says to me that the writer felt Montreal players were embarrassed, shocked and disgusted with Hamilton running up 50 points. As revenge, his word, Vaughan winds up injured.

I admit it is my inference as to the writer’s intention, but I read that the writer is implying a cause and effect here. I agree that a number of Montreal defenders are known for “playing on the edge? if not beyond. But suggesting they would purposely injure an opponent just because of a lopsided score, is a very strong accusation, my word, without some very solid evidence to that effect.

"Wondering if Vaughns injury is a result of that disgust of the Al's Defence & getting revenge.."

Wondering ,is not an accusation ,it's a fact ,silly was arrogant...back to Lawyer talk...
Nuff !


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  1. He must be agreeing to the fact that his comments were silly !! ;D ;D LOL

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He just got put on the 6 game IL, it is serious. :frowning:

The following player has been added to the six-game injured list:
NAT – DT – Justin Vaughn