'91 Argos vs '96/'97 Argos..who would win the game

The '96/'97 Argos will be honoured at this weeks game. If you put the 1991 team up against the 96/97 team, who would win?
Adam Rita vs Don Matthews
Matt Dunigan vs Doug Flutie
Pinball vs...um..himself 5 years later

Interesting question.

I think the Flutie-led Argos would be the favourites. They really utilized the whole offense with Robert Drummond being so dangerous receiving Flutie's shovel passes.

The Dunigan-led Argos were amazing, too. And they had Ismail returning kicks.

I'd say Flutie's team would win probably 75% of the time.

Ismail & D.K. Smith as receivers, vs. Mitchell & Drummond...

Hard to say...

There is no question 96 / 97 unit would destroy the 91 group.

As good as the 96 Argos were, they were even better in 97.

2 years in a row, 15 - 3 with the top O and D.

Perhaps the best team off all time.

Way better than 95 Stallions , 2009 / 2010 Alouettes and 2014 Stampeders.

Also, the 91 Argos, did not even make the play-offs the next year.

Not even close. With all respect to the 91 Argos.

Agreed. Those Argo teams from the late 90's were among the best in league history (if not THE best). The 91' Argo team was good, but in the same class as the 97' Argos. Good thing that Toronto celebrated that great team by drawing 15,000 fans to their games, yet the same number would drive down to Buffalo a couple seasons later to watch Doug Flutie. :roll:

Perhaps a better question would be who would win between the 97 Argos and the 95 Baltimore Stallions.

Perhaps an even better question would be who would win between the 2003 , 1 - 17 Cats and the current 2017 version of the Cats . :lol:

McManus versus Collaros
Lancaster versus Austin
Montford versus Chick
Amerson versus Banks

TORONTO ARGOS >> baltimore stallions

Number stats prove it and Don Mathews is on record stating such.

Yet the 2008 Argos were 4-14, one of the worst teams in recent memory (most losses were blowouts and they seemed to allow at least 40 points every game) and the smallest crowd of the season was 28,273 vs. BC. I'm sure papering was a factor but it seems funny. One of the greatest teams ever = flies. Horrible team = respectable crowds. WTF Toronto

Yes, but that was an era when Keith Pelley was bustin' his behind promoting both the team and the league (and doing a GREAT job of it) who was preceded and subsequently replaced by guys and ownership groups who don't have a clue about marketing a sports team in a large market such as Toronto.