900 CHML


HAMILTON really only has one team and that is the TICATS ...


They went to raceline radio at 8 pm and i guess everyone turned off the radio

have you listened to the callers....obviously not.

Ha Ha I guess that is a good point ...They should have a breathalizer on the phone and IQ test :slight_smile:


I couldn't handle 2 hours worth of Ted Michaels ... he is a complete pantload.

CHML is terrible.

A mere shadow of it's former status as a great Hamilton institution.

Thank you Corus.

Good grief. I can't take 2 minutes of the call in show. You want 2 hours. :?

Yeah, 20 minutes is enough of that I’d agree.

8) Does anyone still actually listen to CHML, at all ????

I remember enjoying CHML in the days of Brattina and Michaluk. I always tuned in. Coach Sal did a decent job for awhile as I remember too during the 5th quarter. Didn't Ronnie have a stint there too. I do remember hearing him a lot on CHML. Always loved that, especially when he used to do the colour on CBC. Too much of Ted has turned me off for the last few years.

It was refreshing when Zamperin filled in a few weeks ago. If they're going to have a call-in show I'd rather have Rick do it every week. In addition to having more of a clue about football, and being less in love with the sound of his own voice, it seemed like when Rick took calls they got the drunks off the air quicker.

Without the drunks I wouldn't tune in.

I agree. After a home game, there's nothing better than tuning into the 5th Quarter for the ride home. Hilarious!
And, since this stadium stuff began, I've listened to more CHML than I have in my entire lifetime.

Though, I do miss listening to Talk820 -- Bullard on the drive home was amazing. Thank you Astral for turning that from a unique talk station into an AM Country Music station. Eeeesh.

Yes, they were good.
But I'll go back even further. the best for sure, was Perc Allan.
I really miss that guy. He knew how to call the plays, and he knew everything about each player.
They don't make em like they used to...

Seem to remember he lived on Flat Ave. which was a stone's throw from my pad, on Hyde Park.
He is sorely missed....

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:


I had just discovered him after abandoning the FAN590 after many years. Bullard was great!

I prefer to listen to the play-by-play and colour commentary of Rick Zamperin and Coach Sal, rather than the nonsense of the TSN guys such as Glen Suitor, Duane Forde, or Rod Black. Mind you, the commentary and analysis of the panel of Randorf, Climie, Stegall, Dunnigan, and Schultz is great. However, I will definitely not listen to the 5th Quarter on CHML. Sometimes I'll mute out my TV set and turn on the radio while the game is playing just to hear Coach Sal. That man is in a class by himself. There hasn't been a better one since Lancaster did it on the radio a while back. If Coach Sal ever decides to give it up, then I guess there will be no other choice but to listen to the TSN guys. CHML will never find anyone else to fill the void.

Suitor’s style has worn thin on me. Black’s style I’ve never enjoyed.

Cuthbert, Forde, and Dunigan I enjoy thoroughly.

I miss Don Wittman. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=au6lYxucjl8

It's like you read my mind!

I cannot stand Jock Climie ... he never says anything good about Hamilton.

I wonder if we didn't extend him an contract when his less than mediocre career was winding down.

I truly believe this fuels his distaste for our team.

Here is a link for Cat Chat by Ken Peters:


I'm looking for the interview itself, that he refers to, as I recall it rather fondly. The one thing i remember most about Perc was that I could close my eyes, during a blacked-out game and he would literally paint a picture in my mind about what was happening on the field. Truly one of the greats and always missed. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: