900 CHML reports that 3 of 5 Asst. Coaches will be retained

I say Easley, Bleamer, and Nelson.

These are Coach left on Site.

Charlie Taaffe Head Coach
Marcel Bellefeuille Offensive Coordinator
Dennis Goldman Receivers Coach
Jeff Bleamer Offensive Line coach
Denny Creehan Defensive Coordinator
Mike Nelson Defensive Line Coach
Dave Easley Special Teams Coordinator

So Gone are Former OC DC and DB Coach
The Rest of Staff have Been Retained

[url=http://www.900chml.com/station/ticats_microsite.cfm?hdl=95204]http://www.900chml.com/station/ticats_m ... ?hdl=95204[/url]

Creehan says he's hoping all of Hamilton's free agents re-sign with the club.

The free agents are linebacker Jojuan Armour and defensive backs Lawrence Gordon, Jykine Bradley and Sandy Beveridge.

The club also announced assistant coaches Jeff Bleamer, Mike Nelson and Dave Easley will return this coming season, while negotiations with Dennis Goldman continue.

Coordinators Mike Working and Ed O'Neill and defensive backs coach Gregg Butler will not be back

Can Someone tell me why they are in negotiations with Goldman. Surely they can do better. Yes? No?

Let's hope that negotiations stall ... like most of his receiving corp last year. :twisted:

did attended any Practices last year ?
Goldman was Great Teacher last year.
He just had bad Students.

wether or not the coachs are grade A+, retaining staff and free agents is very good news for Hamilton.

Hopefully this will add the stability the oranization needs, and result in a greater show of dicipline in the players on-field.

you can't develope a player, or a system if the players and the system makers are in constant flux, and this has been a huge source of tiger-cat woes.

"Goldman was Great Teacher last year.
He just had bad Students."

You are probably right in saying that, however, Goldman with only 1 year of cfl experience, and that was last year with the Tabbies, could or should we not be looking for a more experienced and proven coach?

With your logic maybe we should find a more experienced member to post comments.

Chill out. It was just a question!

I’m certain the players in their end of year interviews provide insight into the position coaches that they work with throughout the season thus the return of Nelson, Bleamer and Goldman.

Starting fresh in all aspects of the team is not progress.

Thanks. That makes sense.