9 receivers I would want to keep



then we have;

Mike Jones- Think he can continue where he left off last year and he’s Canadian.

Shamawd Chambers - A healthy Chambers could be a great addition to the Canadian ratio.

Jaelon Acklin - had a wicked training camp and is very physical and could be a starter this year.

Bralon Addison - was a great addition late in the season last year and will continue to grow.

The last 3 rookies based on training camp and tonight’s game I could see us keeping:

Marcus Tucker
Justin Sumpter
Josh Crockett

P.S who knows…maybe near mid season Jalen Saunders gets fully healthy and resigns with the tiger cats…might make things interesting. :slight_smile:

I could see some of these guys released and then re-signed later in the season once the turf monsters start to rack up the casualties. Seems to happen every year.

Like what happened to that one player who ruptured his achilles on the turf and is out for the season. That sucks when you only played the very first game in pre season and now your out for the year.

I don’t know if there are any real world stats on this but just as an observation it seems as though shorter QBs have a higher potential to end up with injured receivers.

In order to prevent the ball from being batted down at the line, shorter QBs such as Masoli or Glenn seem to throw their intermediate passes at a slightly higher trajectory. That puts the leaping receiver exposed for either a dangerous hit or an awkward fall. If I recall that is exactly how Saunders blew out his knee.

By adding some of these tall 6 foot 4 receivers the Cats have given Masoli a bit of a larger target window. Instead or just fast little smurfs running around, we now have more options while at the same time potentially cutting down on receiver injuries.

Being short or tall doesn’t make any difference when it comes to injuries. Tolliver is 6’5’ and Fantuz is 6’3" and they both suffered severe injuries. Its all in the turf.

Marcel Desjardins Ottawa’s GM will be watching every player Ham cuts to recruit them to star for the RedBlacks making Ham look bad. His Sh!ts been in a knot every since Ham cut him a while back. Plus Ham has helped him from time to time by cutting some star players. >:( >:(

Refresh my memory…which star players did we cut. Powell I think was a cut. Ellingson was a free agent who was coming off a couple of years of being injured more than he played hence we didn’t try to resign him. I can’t off hand think of any other “stars?.

The roster is currently showing 15 Receivers still in camp . So hypothetically going with the OP’s theme of keeping 9 of them in one form or another after final cuts here is my purely unscientific prediction on how I think this will shake out . So the math is telling us that with 9 making it that 6 will be getting pink slipped or if their lucky a spot on the PR.

Here goes : the 9 that I think will make it…

Jaelon Ackin…import…active roster (starter)
Brandon Banks…import…active roster (starter)
Luke Tasker…import…active roster (starter)
Bralon Addison…import…active roster (starter)
Josh Crockett…import…active roster (back-up)
Mike Jones…Canadian…active roster (starter)
Shamawd Chambers…Canadian…active roster (back-up)
Brian Jones…Canadian…active roster (back-up / possible res)
David Ungerer…Canadian…active roster (game day reserve)

The other 7:

Justin Sumpter…import…6 gm IL
Marcus Tucker…import…PR
Marcus Davis…Canadian…released
Jose Noriega…Global…released
Justin Thomas…import…released
Desmon White…import…released
Shamawd Chambers…released

Newly signed

Janarius Grant…import…?? TBD .

I agree with Bobo’s list.

But I think Sumpter would have beaten out Crockett if Sumpter didn’t get hurt. Sumpter has great size, and hands like velcro.

Same with Ungerer. He would have been kept on the active roster instead of Brian Jones if injuries didn’t sideline Ungerer.

I don’t think bobo’s suggestion of 9 WRs on the Active Roster will be a reality. Last year, the team started the regular season with 6, two of which (Jones & Faubert-Lussier) were NATs. In addition, they had one INT (R. Lawrence) and one NAT (Justin Buren) on the PR, and one each, also, on the Injured Lists (INT Toliver - 1-game, and NAT Chambers - 6 Game).

EDM might want to deal for Chambers or wait until we leave one of our NAT REC’s unprotected

No need to deal for Chambers anymore. He was released today along with OL Avery Jordan and Everton Williams.

He’s referring to the QB height not the injured receivers!

That’s too bad. A good comeback story is always nice to see, and Chambers looked good when he joined us partway through the 2017 season.

Lesson for football players: don’t get injured.

I think the release of Chambers at this time is part courtesy in the hopes that he has a better chance of catching on with another team before the season begins.

My guess is that he will most likely wind up back in Edmonton signed as a replacement for the recently injured gone for the season Anthony Parker . Another possible landing spot might be Montreal who has next to nothing when it comes to quality experienced home brew receivers among too many other problems to mention with that team .

With Chambers now officially gone this currently leaves the Cat with 4 Canadian receivers left on the roster . The four remaining are the two Jones ,returnee Mike and free agent Brian along with the two rookies 2018 4th rd pick (31st overall) Marcus Davis and David Ungerer who was our 2nd rd pick (11th overall) in this years draft .

Very interesting and what does Chambers release mean?

Maybe as Pope had posted the Cats will go All Import for receivers?
Who has shown well at camp at National receiver??
Seems odd to release a National vet without a logical replacement being available.
Unless there is a logical replacement…and where is our top draft choice from 2018 anyways??

Nope. Mike Jones will start at receiver.

I suspect what it came down to was:

  1. Chambers getting over his 2nd serious knee injury in his career
  2. Chambers having too high a salary to pay him as a backup
  3. No point having a backup who doesn’t also play special teams
  4. In the event that we need to start 5 import receivers, we have the ratio flexibility to start a Cdn RB

The plan is likely to have Brian Jones back up Mike Jones with Ungerer possibly filling in if/when needed.

It’s the other way around Count. If the 'Cats start STE at running back they then have the flexibility to start five import receivers. Plain and simple, the only way Mike Jones will start at receiver is if STE doesn’t start at running back. That’s the beauty with this year’s roster, they have so many different options to choose from.