#9 had a terrible game!


I would tend to agree ..

#9 missed a key tackle on slaton and slaton then took it to the house.
He was also a few steps behind mann all night

Not one of his better games but alot of guys did not play well like Zack , Grigsby, the Oline, Gaydosh , Hickman, specialty teams .

If I was to make of list of the TiCats who, I thought, did not play well in that game, #9 would top my list.

I am confused. How is 24 of 36 for 335 yards, 3TDs to 1 INT, not playing well???

FYB, #9 is Brandon Stewart. DB.

yeah but gerbear mentions zach

FYB: Sorry, my bad.

no problem…you had me second guessing myself…had to check to see if there was another zack. :slight_smile:

I was really frustrated with his helmet grab/body slam penalty. It negated a good mudfield stop that prolonged a drive that ended in a touchdown. Not to mention some blown coverages that really hurt too.

IIRC, it has been his only poor game of the season. Please correct me if I mis-remembered, I am on POWERFUL migraine medication...