9 AND 0 BABY! Wasn't pretty but got the job done!

Hats off to the Riders. Boy was this an ugly game. We got so lucky coming out of this with a win. Printers looked awful but Pierce looked awesome. We played hard until the very end, despite 3 turnovers and horrible decisions by CP, we did it! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY! The Lions had no business even being in the game, but Bucky Pierce took us to 9 and 0. And how about that Defence? My guarenteed victory didn't look so good for a while but Lions Pride! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! BUCK PIERCE AND DEFENCE!

Pierce is the man! With CP being so off his game , it's a good thing we got Buck.

I would say the Lions have got great depth at QB. after that one.....but now you got 3 guys who wanna be no. 1.....maybe a nice problem to have if Casey decides to take off at the end of the year....but can't you just see the other Cat's salivating over Pierce with the QB. situation they have.....could be some interest in any one of the Lions QBS.....it's gonna be tough to hang on to all that talent if enough cash is waived around.... :roll:

We know Printers only has this yr left on contract, whats bucks

Printers should have signed the contract...

Yeay! We won!!!!!...

The funny thing about watching the game yesterday is that whenever we have the ball...and i turned my back around(i was doin something)...and when i returned, suddenly we dont have it...wtf!!!..i think it happen 2 times...

Printers...tsk tsk!

...Buck...you were awsome!...a true lion! :smiley:

Bucks story is interesting. He drove from California to Portland for a try-out camp. He's actually our 4th string QB as Jarious Jackson is our third string guy, but has a broken thumb. I think you'll see Printers go to the NFL and Pierce will be Dave Dickensons backup next year.

As for the game...We got Lucky. Saskatchewan should have put the game out of reach with the three turnovers in the first half. Both Defenses played great, but Saskatchewans offense couldn't get it done. Listening to Sportstalk, they had the play by play guy from CKRM in Regina. He has some real interesting things to say. It seems the team has no confindance in Nealon Greane. Barrett and Shivers stubbornly continue to use him. He went on to say at least Marcus Crandell has a Grey Cup ring and should get a chance to start. He compared three years of Wally Buono rebuilding BC to 6 years of Danny Barrett rebuilding Saskatchewan and compared the results.

lucky....maybe....Sask. self-destruct...definitely.....Refs. errors....could be....all in all I wouldn't mind having this kid Buck on my team...what a great start....and say what you might the Riders defense isn't that bad...which gives Pierce a lot of credibility....I would like to start a franchise involving this guy and Michna as NO. 1 and NO. 2....what a future you'd have...these two guys remind me of a young Lancaster...and Jackson....when they were just starting out....only they were on the same Ottawa team....great to see this kind of talent coming into the league.... :arrow:

And you alsopo have to know that no matter how talented someone is in the NFL they might not make it in the CFL (Rison. was ever good in the NFL?) because it's such a different game while some will accel to the CFL and won't make it in the NFL.

In all fairness I think they have built a very good team in Saskatchewan. Loads of talent on both sides of the ball. It's like I said about Calgary before the season started. The quarterback brings it all together and provides the balance and confidence needed to win. It's the key position...period. With solid quarterbacking the Riders are a scary team.

and you have to wonder...cflfanforlife......when alot of people said exactly that at the beginning of the year that Riders needed a QB. after Henry left...and nothing was done....I say you have to question management....

No doubt management supported Nealon and his lower price tag as their number one. Maybe they were just hoping. In any case, they simply would not commit to Burris as their starter. Hey I was at the Western Final last year and that Rider team would have won the Grey Cup in my opinion if they got past BC. They finished the season very strong and made it to the final. Yes they’ve had some injuries this year, but still started the season 3 and 1. Then other teams adjusted to their running game because Nealon Greene doesn’t have the arm to keep too many defences honest.

Yes mangement made a bad choice, but still have built a great nucleas (sp?).They’re not out of it yet and should make the adjustment at QB sooner than later. Hey maybe my nightmare a few days ago will come true. Printers for Szarka and McCallum…please no!!! However don’t rule out a blockbuster trade after the back to back games with the Bombers if they lose. The last game should have been a sell out. September will be the season of change for the Riders. The fans will demand it.

As a BC Lions fan, I can honestly say that the Riders and their fans deserved a better fate last night. Trust me, I was THRILLED with the Lions victory, but you guys shut us down for 44 minutes and still couldn't get the job done. Nealon and Printers were both awful last night. Printers' sacks were deceiving, as many blamed the O Line but he mostly ran into the defenders. Printers played a HORRIBLE game, and was thrilled to see Bucky come in and steal the show. I was hoping they'd pull Printers at halftime.

I was surprised to see an attendance of under 25,000 for last night's game. Seemed like there were more people than that, from watching on TV. I know Riders have great fans and such, but why wouldn't they get more than that versus an undefeated western conference opponent? I know the team was 3-5 prior to the game, but I expected closer to 30,000. Pretty dissapointing.

I was acutally mad when Printers left the game. He was playing horrible and B.C. probably would have lost the game if he had stayed in. SAme thing last year in the Western Final when DIckenson went in, I knew were in trouble.

I am surprized that people still believe in the coaching of DANNY BARRET.
Maybe it is because of last year.

B.C............have a great team with lots of depth.

I was pulling for SASK.........but you have to play 60 minutes of football.

We did play 60 minutes of football last night, the defence played 54 minutes of football and the offence played 6.

very funny........and true.

So printer's just got pulled? He didn't get injured? I missed that part. Can you tell me!

If he only got pulled it wasn't very sportsman like to get undressed so quickly!

I love it when Defences kick but, last night was not one of them. Nealon had many teribel throws. Overthrowing Keith on screen plays? Please, you have to compleete those. Casey was just as bad. 3 interceptions, and they were miss read interceptions. Not the defender making it to the ball before the reciver...just no reciever was close.


He didn't get injured, he was playing injured. Apparently he has a bad shoulder and he was taken out.

On a side note if he expects to bolt to the NFL next year he better take advantage of the playing situations he is given because he has to show that last year was not a fluke.

he did get hurt when he dove on a run play… he landed on his already hurt throwing shoulder… that and i think he realized that he just wasn’t on his game… judging by his throwing style it looked like he was compensating and trying to throw in an odd way to lessen the pain… i think he knew he was done for the day and it was a mix of that and landing hard on the hurt shoulder.

Sportsmen & ro1313: If CP goes to the NFL next year – and I seriously doubt that he will – it will be for a cup of coffee and then he will be back. He is soooo not ready for that move yet. Being named MVP last year may have been the worst thing that could have happened to him from the point of view of his development as a quarterback.