9-9 in sight

With only 7 games remaining I have to believe we can pull at least 3 more victories and end teh regular season at .500

Montreal twice
Winnipeg twice

I hate talking playoffs in week 13 but I sure am thinking it.



How about 10-8, or 11-7? :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t be shocked if you guys finished the season 10-8.

Looking at your sched, it is really not unreasonable to expect the Cats to go .500 against the top teams (Montreal, Calgary, Sask), taking two out of four games. Against the weaker teams (Winnipeg, Toronto), again, nothing wild about expecting two wins in three games.

I'll be disappointed with 9&9. As d&p astutely pointed out, the schedule should allow four wins in the next seven.

I don't think it will be too difficult to end up at 9-9, but also think we can be better than that without being too optomistic.

If we can win the games in Winnipeg, and in Toronto, we will definately surpass that record. Currently we are really a .500 team based on the fact that we have only lost once at home, and only won once on the road. If we continue to do well at home, and win a few more road games, we will end up above .500. I certainly think we are capable of doing, this, but anything is possible.