9-7 after week 16

After week sixteen, only Calgary and Montreal have better records than the tabbies. We just beat the Als in a "statement game" giving us our 3rd straight win. Could you the statement a win in Calgary next week would make?

Saskatchewan is also 9-7 but they've lost 3 in a row.

I'm likin' the current trend leading up to the playoffs.


I would have to agree with you.
Were the hottest team in the league right now, and if our defence continues to shut down, then I think we extend our winning streak to 4 this week and lock up home field.

Just noticed that after week 16 not only are the tabbies the best with least points allowed, they’ve also given up the fewest sacks.

Fewest QB Sacks

HAM 24
CAL 29
MTL 32
EDM 36
SSK 39
WPG 45
TOR 47
BC 55

And I'm guessing that based on this weekends performance by both the Ticats and the Riders, that the Ticats should move into at least 3rd place in the TSN rankings.

They're on a roll, putting it all together, after so many weeks of inconsistency. ST's play (with the exception of #4, and even him somewhat on short FGs) has been getting consistently stronger. Now, with the defence oustanding, the offence is providing enough to win convincingly. Earlier, when the O was the more outstanding side, the D couldn't hold on to leads they provided. Some points made by others, in recent days, in other threads here -- 106-17 in the last three games, comparing this run to the '67 Cats finish, and Angelo Mosca's reference to that comparison -- have me ALMOST believing that this IS the "Year of the Tiger."

The '67 team, after losing 3 straight games, followed by winning their final 4 straight and did not give up a touchdown in the final three games. The total score in those three -- 56-13 -- is nearly as impressive as this year's past three total sscore. The '67 team then went on to win three more straight -- the two-game-total-point Eastern Final and the Grey Cup -- also without allowing a TD for a 6-game opposition TD-free run with a total score of 117-21.

Just one more -- not being outplayed this week in Calgary -- DEFINITELY WILL have me singing the Monkee's Song, which was the #1 overall song of the year in ........ 1967:


They are definitely coming on at the right time. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed football so much. This defence is reminding me very much of the 1986 defence. It's a beautiful thing to watch. I'd also like to thank the MTL player who gave us the amazing bulletin board quote. :smiley:

Maybe even 2nd ahead of Montreal?

We're still in 3rd place in the CFL's Poser Rankings too. But then Winnipeg is just behind us in 4th. Maybe they'll have it fixed for next year. :roll:

As stated elsewhere many times, the only Power Rankings that really matter are the standings. And we're tied for 3rd there.

(That was an actual typo above, but I liked it so much, I left it as is.)

It will be very interesting to see where we rank.

  • Ticats have won three in a row, in as convincing a manner as you'll ever see in this league
  • Sask has lost 3 in a row
  • Calgary has lost 4 of their last 6
  • Montreal has lost 2 of their last 4, including a complete pummeling this week. They barely scraped past Winnipeg last week.
  • While we're still two wins behind Montreal and Calgary on the year, think back to the first 5 weeks of the season. We went 1-4, and those other teams all went 4-1. In other words, in the past 11 weeks, Hamilton is 8-3, Montreal & Calgary are 7-4, and Sask is 5-6.

So, if momentum and recent performance have anything at all to do with these rankings, we could arguably be ranked #1. If Calgary & Montreal top us, it is essentially an admission that performance in June/July is more important to the October rankings than performance in Sept/Oct.