$9.30 for a 20 oz.

Thats the price and the Dome.


What were the food prices like?...(that is if you had any money left to purchase any..)

That was the price of the premium beer, Keiths. 20 oz of bud was $9.00 flat. That too seemed a little high but it is Toronto.

Just because you get screwed at the SkyDome, oops, I mean Roger's Centre, doesn't mean we have to take it at IWS.

Please let's not compare. I'm sure I can find some place at a US stadium where you can get a 20 oz beer for a lot less. Let's face it, it's just sugar water left to go bad.

On the food front a 3 piece Chicken Fingers and Fries and a Large Coke with tax was 14 bucks. That may seem expensive and yeah I think it is but keep in mind this you go to a restaurant most chicken finger dinners are 10.99 then a soft drink ranges between 2.50 to 3 bucks and then you have taxes and tip on top of that so in reality 14 bucks might not be that bad but 9 dollars for a beer that is crazy I would rather spend an extra 5 bucks and get a whole meal at a game then one drink

I bought two bottles of water for $7. They were 500mL bottles so I paid $7 per litre of water. And you thought gas was expensive!?

Water bottles are the same price at any sport stadium. The price of water is a joke though.

And we complain about the price of gas in the real world?......it's a bargain compared to water eh?....lol

$9.30 for a 20oz.....That's a great price for a STEAK !!!

Yeah, but with the water you get the plastic bottle. With gas, you just get the hose.

Ain't it the truth!


Ahhh...music to the cashmongers ears.

Please, enjoy your stadium $14.00 chicken fingers and fries (with large coke).

P.T. Barnum would get a kick out of this.

Well, if they notice a huge drop in beer purchases on Saturday, maybe they will wake up and lower the price?

I would normally buy 3 during a game…This week, I’ll buy 1. Hopefully a few more people will do the same.

ya know.... if you really wanted to make an impression you'd buy none....

just sayin.....