9-0 Jags on MNF. This is why I'm a CFL Fan!

the Monday Night Snoozer... on ESPN!

what a joke of a game!

3 field goals ...

like OH MY GOD!!!

this is why I am a CFL Fan.. you'd never see a 9-0 game.

how funny is this?

Come on cflisthebest, just like I said on Sportsnet, whether you prefer one league over another, it really is all football played with the same ball, stripes or no stripes. Yes, more likely to happen in the NFL than CFL but does happen here also from time to time.
The reason why I think the CFL game is better, given say a game like this in either, is that the ball is turned over more times I believe in the CFL with 3 downs and 20 sec clock which I think adds to the excitement with field position with punts.

But, Did you notice how ESPN continued to hype the first half?

"That was the best scoreless half I have ever seen" :roll:

Yeh, have to admit that was funny, but what else are they going to say, they are paying a lot of dough to carry these games and they need the viewers.

On labour day the ti-cats and argos battled to a 9-5 score at half time. Had it not been for conceded safety's and rouge's the game probably would have been 3-3 at the half. Anyway, it was a boring game, but still more exciting than last nights snooze fest, mainly due to the fact that the canadian game has a higher pace to it than the NFL.

that kind of sport is rare, but possible in the CFL.


I like how they said during the halftime show "remember all this (low scoring) is caused by GREAT DEFENSE"

And I remember in the Toronto media they called the Ticat-Argo 11-8 game boring, which it was. But, nothing like this and from the two sports radio stations I was canvassing during my travels on the road today, not one report mentioned how it was a boring game.
There you have it folks, the NFL is treated with "crap" or kid gloves.
Unbelievable how a low scoring boring game can be classified as a "great defensive struggle".

you want to hear about a great D struggle? how about a CFL game were no team scores anything but singles, and the score ends up 6 to 4 or something below 10 for both sides (both score something), THAT'S a great D (and O) struggle!

screw the JAGS


screw the Jags? THEIR MY FAVOITE NFL TEAM!!! (being south of the 49th, if you don't have a favoite NFL team, your pretty weild, but I don't follow them much, except to see how they do on the ladder)