89 greycup

just finished watching it again and I still think it was the best one ever, even though the wrong team won.

They have suitor making comments all the way through and he is all “we knew we were gonna win” and “kent austin this and kent austin that” …

Well suitor, I got news for you, riders only won after and because of shields injury taking him out of the game.

It was fun seeing winfield playing corner for the last one or two series in the first half, but no matter how they tried to revamp the D without shields, Kent just took advantage of it. Very lucky suitor. Very very lucky.

the one question I would like to ask Bruno, whom I liked, is why the hell they werent better prepared for such a situation.

Team depth is as important as your staring line up. Name the team sport and more often than not it's the team that has the depth wins and teams that don't lose.

Spin it anyway you want, Hamilton was ill prepared; not for the loss of a single player, but for the Rider offense. They gave up 43 points, you can't lay that on the loss of one player. Little fact for you; know how many teams have given up more than 40 points and won the Grey Cup? NONE! :stuck_out_tongue:

thats just the point. with a healthy shields playing the whole game, the riders dont score 40 pts.

Saskatchewan in '89' in many ways mirrored the Argos of last year,yes crowned champions,but in no way the best team in the league.Both teams finished with mediocre 9-9 records,caught lightning in a bottle in the play-offs(Sask. upsetting a 16-2 Edm. team in the west final and a 12-6 Ham.team in the cup),(Tor. upsetting a 11-7 mtl. and a 12-6 Calg. team in the cup)Justs goes to show you how unpredictable this crazy league really is!!!! Oh and by the way YouBet is totally right about '89' cup,great game.....but the wrong team won!!!! :cry: :cry: :thdn:

I never really thought about last year this way; i.e. how it paralleled the Riders' 89 GC win, but you might have something there. Although I wouldn't agree with your last five words :cowboy: :slight_smile: :cowboy:

Afraid it's you who missed the point; 1) if Hamilton's entire defensive success relied on one single player obvious they didn't have a very good defense to start with, and 2) if the whole thing falls apart because they have to replace one player then team depth is a serious issue.

Bottom line, if Hamilton lost only because one player was missing there is NO guarantee they would have won with him. Got four words for you FYB; team sport, sour grapes. 8)

This is as much fun as I had watching the game with 3 Ti-Cat fans back in '89. :lol:

For me the best Cup is a toss up between 1989, 2009, 1987, 1994

Argos last year were a much better team than their record. They spent the first 4 or 5 weeks adjusting to MASSIVE turnover of both players and coaches. Then they found a groove and won I think 4 out of 5 games. Then Ray turned his ankle at McGill and missed the next month. If it wasn't for that alone they probably win another 2 games. By playoff time they were healthy and running at the expected potential. That was a GOOD team. :thup:

Regardless of the teams involved, the best Grey Cup that I ever watched would have to be 1987.

Watching the 0pening game of the 1989 season between Sask and Bc at bc place, 41,000 there, that 1988 bc team that went to the grey cup , really turned on the city again too football, Matt Dunigan, David Williams, Tony Cherry, etc, Too bad the lions did not make the playoffs that year of a record of 6-12,.

yes, sour grapes is right, sigh.

to make matters worse, I was a solid rider fan from 66 to halfway thru the 89 season when I got fed up with Gregory and abandoned cheering for riders in favor of the ticats. and then the riders finally win again, over the favored ticats, grrrrrr

I think I know what you mean. Back in 77 I think it was, I was a flyer fan living in toronto and watching the leafs flyers playoffs. I was of course surrounded by leaf fans who thought they had the game with a 3 goal lead and 5 min to go. Well I kinda thought, wouldnt it teach them if the flyers scored 3 goals, and they did, then they won in overtime. Then the flyers went on to win the series. God Bless Kate

to make matters worse, I was a solid rider fan from 66 to halfway thru the 89 season when I got fed up with Gregory and abandoned cheering for riders in favor of the ticats. and then the riders finally win again, over the favored ticats, grrrrrr

Little confused here Youbet????? :? .....Rider fan..66-89 Cat fan..89-13 B.C. logo as icon hmmmmmm???????? Maybe yer like me Cat fan first,fav. west team the Lions(since I was a kid)!!!! :P :lol: :roll: :rockin:

some great games there depop.

I'd also like to add the 1981 GC in which the Rough Riders (24 point underdog) lost the game on the final play vs the heavily favored Esks who marched an unprecedented comeback.

The 2009 GC was incredulous if not dramatic.

This is a team sport. No individual player should be the difference between winning and losing. The Riders, that year, decided to come together as a TEAM, a lot due to the fact that they were dismissed by other teams in the league.
Much like the way they are still dismissed by many people on this site.
I dont know why people just cant say. wow, they really came together and played a fantastic underdog run and won. Great.
But no.. even 24 years later we get people rehashing if they "deservered to win". Yeeshk...

For me this was not only the best GC game ever, it was the best football game ever any league.

Are you saying that losing a single player on a team, even a key player, shouldn't make a difference to a team? For example, if Sheets were injured, the Riders wouldn't be affected at all?

A single player being missing often results in players being shuffled around. A key DB may result in other DBs moving around, maybe even affecting linebackers (check what Hamilton did when Webb was injured a couple of weeks back - five players moved to different spots). In '89, Shields was our best DB. When he was injured, there were a few adjustments made, and this weakened our defence.

Proud to say I was at the 89 GC. Champion's catch, the back and forth point exchange and overall excitement made me think it was the best game I'd ever seen. That was until the 2011 Vanier Cup.

im saying a single player can impact a team, but its stil a team sport. Yes, 1 player impacts a team, but it should not be a make or break.

the Riders were in reality in 1989, a much better team than their 9-9 record indicated. they had so many injuries to key players it isn't a wonder how they managed 9 wins.

they started getting their injured players back when the playoffs started and you saw how good they actually could be!

Actually have to agree. A guy beside me bet me a dollar that Ridgeway would miss the winning field goal. Easiest dollar I ever made. Ridgeway IMHO was the most best kicker in CFL history but that’s a topic for another poll. :cowboy: