888 signs on as an official authorized gaming operator of the CFL

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League (CFL) is proud to welcome its newest Official Authorized Gaming Operator and advertising partner in Ontario: 888, one of the world’s leading betting and gaming companies. At the centre of the partnership are the 888 Rivalry Games – the fall’s marquee matchups featuring a number of the league’s biggest clashes.

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No end to this betting s**t is there? Sad.


Fortunately for me I don’t bet, other then $3 on a sports ticket once in a blue moon.

Just wish Gaming ad’s were restricted like tobacco & alcohol. It’s just as dangerous to some.


In Ontario they have already passed restrictions. The link is via the following post.

I figure more of those restrictions are coming, which was the case in the experience of the UK in the prior decade.

It’s the same pattern being repeated anew in North America.

And the gaming companies are pushing the edge like usual and I think because they see the writing on the wall as well, for many of them have global operations that include the UK.


I’m just an old guy barking at the moon, but I don’t like the fact the CFL is getting into bed with betting sites. Slippery slope in my opinion. I was pleasantly surprised by that ad that starts off as a gambling ad then abruptly switches to warning people of the dangers.


We already know from last October that the fingerprints of Genius Sports are all over this deal.