85 Rodriguez, Prechae

Durring the Bob Young Era .. I told everyone I could the Ticats need to go with Tall Wideouts and Slots
6'2 or better . Finally that did that .
Look at this :
Rodriguez, 6'5 208
Jackson, 6'3 220
Bauman, 6'4 212
Mitchell, 6'3 222

This is our Future TiCat fans About Time..

not etc:

I feel the same way about Scott Mitchell. Too unreliable. Drops too many key passes. I would not want him back next year.
Rodriguez will be fine. He sure put out yesterday. Porter and him will make a great combination.
I have to say that Montreal's offence was outstanding yesterday despite their loss. They had receivers open all the time. Every time Montreal got the ball the crowd sitting around me were muttering..."oh oh...here comes another touchdown". We knew a 2 touchdown lead could vanish very quickly and we were right. Luckily were were able to capitalize on some of their errors and had some great defensive effort at key moments to come out with the win.
We should do everything we can to get Jamel Richardson. He's outstanding. Big and tough with great concentration and speed. Cahoon as usual (except for a fumble) showed why is one of the best receivers the CFL has ever had. Bratton, Cobourne...the list goes on.
That's why this was such a great win yesterday. We needed that great play from the defence to win the game...it wasn't just about the offence getting all those points on the board.

Jamal Richardson is not a free agent next season and I suspect is contract will be extended a couple days after Grey Cup Sunday...

I feel the same way about Scott Mitchell.

This guy can make some great catches in traffic sometimes,
and other times he loses concentration. A bit inconsistent
but that can be worked out with coaching. He has the talent.

I hate to say potential because we've been
promised potential to the moon the last couple of years.

Potential is a legitimate word to describe
players who have talent and lack experience

and that is Scott Mitchell.

That was all we could say about Chris Bauman last year.

This year he is performing far closer to his potential
so it is proving to be an accurate description.

It is a big step getting accustomed to
the speed things are happening at

in the professional ranks.

To rookie receivers Defences look like
a Chinese fire drill at the beginning

Their eyes get bug-eyed out there.

Scott will settle down and be able to maintain focus
once he builds up more experience against them.

Scott Mitchell may become a one of our stalwart receivers.

Did you see these 2 guys blocking for each other
on those short passes towards the sideline?

But he has made some excellent plays and is second on the team

although, 18 in the league.

Still, he's got the talent.

I think both of them can be part of
the foundation of a rebirth of the Ticats.

Although they are not polished right now, to let them
get away and come into their own on another team,

like has happened to so many of our young players
for years, would truly be a shame.

These young guys just need some time to gain experience and confidence. Even Fantuz had the dropsies in his rookie year.

Prechae is becoming more polished as the season goes on.

At first I thought he was just going to be the "jump ball" guy. That was such a gimmicky play but his height can be used to full effect like on the endzone route in the corner. That's the time to throw it up high because he had a step on the defender so throwing it high ensured it wouldn't be picked off and then he could jump for it. I don't like the jump ball with three defenders on him like they tried earlier in the year.

Anyway, for having such little experience in football you can tell he's got crazy talent. I'm liking his yac yards on the short passes. His route running is getting alot better too. He's starting to show some real football skills. Some will complain he's inconsistent and he is abit. That will be ironed out with experience. He's only been playing football for a couple years at any level. But anyone should be able to recognize his talent. He took Estelle to school, people. It was beautiful to see.

Time will tell if he can be a game breaker. If not he is definitely going to be a great number two receiver. Let's hope we can hang onto him.

what do you want folks?

Nothing wrong pointing out the dropsies but for Christ's sake he got 3 TDs!

Reminds me a lot of a Mr. E. Winfield esq.

Praise Be His Name.

I beg to differ, though. I'm thinking T. Champion... (The Catch)

I agree. This is ridiculous. Give the guy his due and enjoy the outstanding performance by all of our receivers. Any team that can go man-o a man-o with Montreal and come out on top deserves to be congratulated rather than picked apart. leave it for another day.

Porter only had 5 incompletions and I know an early one was to Prechea on a slant that was thrown well behind him. That was not a drop!

Oh, and Prechea has way more ability then Morreale did.

hes solid, hes gunna be a keep for sure

Thats a joke right??

If they didn't want JoJo here he would be gone with Taaffe, simple as that. JoJo is our most consistent receiver we have, he takes a beating over the middle and he always holds onto the ball for those tough catches.

I have no idea how an old and washed up Tony Miles is starting over JoJo Walker when JoJo is the one not scared to take the hit to make the catch. There has been a bunch of times when I have seen Tony just give up or chicken out of play because he could see he was about to take a hit.

JoJo on the other hand has always went all out for any pass that has come his way and some of which have gotten him completely leveled but he still manages to hold onto the ball.

If JoJo doesn't make the 2009 team it will be a horrible move by OBIE because if we just gave JoJo some time and a chance to start a couple game we could have another Archie Amerson on our hands.

Now back to the topic, Don't be surprised if Prechae is a CFL All-Star next season(if not this year). He has had a few drops but that can be fixed with some off-season training(Ben Cahoon uses a ball throwing machine) to correct his drops.

i must agree with bonds here, jojo is solid, hesa stud at slot and does catch the TOUGH passes, he does take some licks but already makes them, hes soso on kick returns too, hes more productive then miles and is less injured, jojo stays.

hes bonds, do you still make highlight videos of the cats and put them on youtube? would be nice to see one of prechae, hes had some circus catches thus far in the season, i always enjoy watchen ur movies! cheers.

I haven't made a video in about 6 months but I could definitely start on a Big Play Prechae video. I will start working on it soon.

Prechae is a great wide out. He,s to lanky to play in the middle, and not suited for the Hitch screen. (a play that should go to the back of the playbook,IMHO).And Bauman Is as good as Fantoose.(SO) Jo JO. is good and ready to fill Amersons shoes. some of you NFL Knuckleheads think that in completions should never happen. Thats all nfl myth and hyperbowl. Canadian football moves fast, and two and outs Happen , that's were having a Kicker like Setta, who can boom kicks 80 yards come in to the play,(Why they concede safeties and rouges when they have a kicker like that is just :twisted: Twisted NFL confused Maddenes