85 Rodriguez, Prechae

:thup: :thup:

Just want to give 2 thumbs up to this guy.

Great game for him and hope he keeps it up.

dropped 3 second down passes

No way near a clutch reciever or a game breaker that we need as our wide reciever.Inconsitency is why this guy is in the CFL.

Guys hes a rookie give him some time. You are probably the same crew who wanted Bauman cut last year,, give him some time.

Yes he dropped some passes when he came back for the ball. He probably could have caught some more big gainers if the ball had been delievered.

No they're just saying he had a few costly drops.

There's nothing wrong with pointing that out.

Gentlemen and Ladies,

Within a season or two, Prechae will be an allstar and the foundation of your offense.

Be patient but find someone who can throw him the ball!

Porter! TO PReeeechae :thup: :thup:

This kid is the next Tony Champion. He is young and will get better, just like Bauman. Obie just has to find two other good receivers to play with them.

If Obie trades any of our young receivers he better leave town. :wink: these young guys are one of a few bright spots for the future of our team.

like who? the only other good one we have is jo jo and he never plays.

Walker is only on the team because he was Taaffe's guy from college. He won't be a Cat in 09.

The problem I have with import receivers is that I am worried that they are going to abandon ship and try the NFL.

Stapler, Champion and Winfield all did this to us.

I hate losing guys for half a season when they try out for the NFL.

Part of the solution is to surrounf Prechae and bauman with good talent so they opposing D's can't focus on them...

Both of them can play on my team anyday!

PR is our new mike morreale ... makes the big/harder catches but has a tendency to drop the easy ones!

Prechae is raw right now. Talented, but raw. He hasn't played alot of football. That is his upside though, that he has learned so much and that he is as good as he is with so little experience. Although, he's not ready to be a go to guy, yet, he likely will be within a couple seasons.

I feel the same way about Scott Mitchell. This guy can make some great catches in traffic sometimes, and other times he loses concentration. A bit inconsistent but that can be worked out with coaching. He has the talent. I hate to say potential because we've been promised potential to the moon the last couple of years. But he has made some excellent plays and is second on the team although, 18 in the league. Still, he's got the talent.

I think both of them can be part of the foundation of a rebirth of the Ticats. Although they are not polished right now, to let them get away and come into their own on another team, like has happened to so many of our young players for years, would truly be a shame.

Would you say he was consistently good against Montreal?

Most of you guys are killing me! Prechea Rodriguez is the only receiver right now that is scoring touchdowns! Get your head a real shake people! :?

What game were you at - 4 touchdowns - has the potental to become our go to guy!

I like this guys height and hands,,,,he was not even a football player a few years ago...so a project that looks like it will work...now ...find some hands size and speed for the other side...I have always liked Pat Woodcock...but he is not a outside threat any more.