#82 Carl Ford

This late comer is flying under the radar. At the one prectice I was at he really impressed me with his ability to accelerate from a dead stop.

He'd run a hook pattern, stop, snag the ball, turn and blast off at what looked like full speed. It was shocking.

Keep an eye on him this Friday night.


Here's the bio of the 26 year old who is 6' 182 lbs:

Acquired: Signed by the Ticats as a free agent on June 10, 2007
Was drafted by Green Bay after his senior season in the seventh round of the 2003 NFL Draft (256th overall). Spent two seasons (2003-2004) on the practice squad with Green Bay and Chicago before moving on to the Philadelphia Eagles in 2005. Did not make a reception in his three seasons in the NFL but played 10 games for the Eagles in 2005 mainly on special teams where he recorded 3 tackles.
College: At Toledo he caught a school-record 79 passes for 1,062 yards and a school-record tying nine touchdowns in 2002 as a senior. He was named second-team All-MAC as a senior. For his career, Ford had 149 receptions and 17 TDs. He had a career-high 10 catches at the 2002 Motor City Bowl.

he sure looked good in the game last week

He reminded me a lot of Marcus Grant.

Let’s hope Ford is the diamond in the rough, speed merchant, defence-stretcher that hasn’t really emerged among receivers in camp so far.

Umm who's Marcus Grant...not familiar

I think the 6' listing is with heels on.

He did not look that tall, but maybe his speed made him look shorter.
If that is true, I must look pretty tall, because I am pretty slow.

Did you mean Corey Grant?
Hugh Grant,
Hugh Smith,
Wayne Smith,
Wayne Shaw,
Shaw Festival
Festival of Lights

Or is there really a Marcus Grant???

Marcus Grant was our first pick when the expansion teams folded. He had a huge rookie year for Birmingham but he came here and was never really used. He was probably one of the fastest guys I've ever seen play in this league.

He was so fast....his career shot by and I must have blinked and missed it.

Don't worry Dunigan doesn't remember him either lol.

Am I the only one on here that remembers the 96 season? And am I the only one who remembers Calvillo lighting it up in the second half of that season? Or remembers his 500 yard passing game. That was probably the best receiving unit we've ever had and every game we played was a 40-35 ball game because we had such a brutal defence.

Then the next year our entire receiving core left and all the blame went to Toni even though he had beer league calibre talent around him.

LMAO!! Well played. :lol:


Yeah, that was frickin' funny!

Does anyone remember Mac Cody at least?

Yes. Another blur, then gone...

Oski Wee Wee,

In the 9th round of that dispersal draft the Cats drafted a young linebacker.
Check it out:

Wow, Ottawa blew that draft big time. There was so much talent to be had yet they only picked one guy that actually made their roster. I never even heard of any of the players they chose except for Archer.

Montford would have been a nobody for his entire career had Suthrin not switched him to the d-line. He was not that great as a line backer which is why he slipped to the ninth round.

According to this morning's Spectator, Ford was just released. Shows how much we know about evaluating player talent.

In 1996 he led the league in receiving with 1400+ yards and was a CFL All-Star, one of only two Ticats to make the grade. The other was Paul Osbaldiston. After two more solid seasons (including time in Montreal and the Arena League), Cody was signed by the Arizona Cardinals, where he played for four or five seasons until he retired.

I'm pretty sure Cody came back after being in the AFL & played for the blue team, IIRC?

Mac Cody wore #10, right?