8 vs. 10 regular season in the CIS

It's dumb the CIS plays an eight game regular season and invites over half of the teams to the end of season tournament!

Play ten games and take the top eight to the playoffs!

Why dumb, just more pressure to make the playoffs and win more often with this system.

Right....We're Canadian and proud of it = ("TRADITION")
Vanier Cup; Calgary vs McMaster?

CIS sucks!

Does this look like a fair and balanced playoff chart???

AUS has it easy!!!

There's no significance to the regular season either!

So we let the first numb-skull organize something lousy and we continue to do it because it's considered tradition???!

Go Mac Go!

:rockin: and UBC - but I don't think they will get by Calgary.

do does every thing you post


I just now noticed your creative and chuckle providing signature.. :lol: :lol:

love the sinking Argo logo..
still chuckling..... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thanks Tangled. I have one for every team in the CFL. Sadly I haven't got a chance to use my Winnipeg one yet this season. I usually change it whenever we beat a team. Anyways, time for a temporary change methinks.

McMaster vs Acadia in The Uteck Bowl
Laval vs Calgary in The Mitchell Bowl

Vanier Cup; McMaster vs Calgary is my call.

Convincing win for the Marauders in London today, Quinlan was sharp as nails. Mustangs had no chance with a non existent passing attack. Wasn't expecting a blowout like that.

EZ, you're a f.... idiot bud. :stuck_out_tongue: